Living Freedom - Retreat with Kosi - Glastonbury, United Kingdom

 13 June
 The Sweet Track - 44a High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset
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We all experience moments of happiness, peace or freedom only to discover, that these moments simply do not last. But there is a great secret that offers you lasting happiness, peace, and freedom. This can seem impossible when your life is filled with the constantly changing roller coaster of your circumstances and emotions — the endless ups and downs of suffering. Whether you are aware of it or not, it is the internal conversation, you are having with yourself and the external conversation, that you are having with people outside, that extends your pain over time and creates both hidden and conscious barriers to living happy and fulfilled life. This very powerful and natural movement of your mind might look impossible to overcome, but it is not only possible — it is your birthright. It is our natural tendency to avoid what makes us uncomfortable and this avoidance keeps us trapped in endless cycles of suffering. We postpone or put things off, we avoid our fears, we either express or suppress our sadness, anger, or rage and we think we always have another tomorrow. We imagine what might happen or will happen or did happen and it is this mechanism of mind, that keeps us from truly living. This retreat is the end of postponement, the end of avoidance, the end of suffering, the end of excuses and the beginning of a life filled with happiness and freedom. Kosi uses the vibration of sound, the power of self-inquiry, and the infinite support of Silence to cut through any barrier to a direct discovery of who you really are. The moment you discover that beyond any spiritual concept or idea, is the moment you begin to truly Live. It is the moment you realise, you are always free and are always at peace regardless of your circumstances. You can see, that you are the happiness you have been seeking. Retreat with Kosi is the Yoga of Wisdom — a life-changing transmission, that supports true awakening. It is an intimate meeting that ends the tyranny of your mind and opens your Heart to the endless bliss of your true nature. Tuition : £ 50 Scholarships are available for anyone who cannot afford the tuition.

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