13 June
 Wausau, WI, United States
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 Julee Duessing
LIVING EMPOWERED IN TURBULANT TIMES Thru The AKASHIC RECORD June 13-14, 2015 Wausau, Wisconsin Are you: • Feeling in reaction mode to what is going on around you? • Feeling disempowered to effect significant change in your own life and those around you? • Ready to let go of being externally driven? • Ready to be in alignment with your soul to answer your calling? If you have answered YES to any of these questions then join us for a weekend filled with soul quenching empowerment. We are living in chaotic times. For many of us it feels very disempowering. I have been in great struggle about this myself especially as I see how it has effected people I care deeply about and my community. I keep asking myself these questions and maybe you have too… • What is the big spiritual picture? • What is the purpose in all of this? • When will the tide turn? • What is my role? • How can I empower myself? The most powerful and effective way to get answers to these questions is through accessing the Akashic Record. In fact, I held a profound class with my advance students back when Barack Obama was first running for president. During the class we looked at what was going on in our country and the world from this unparalleled domain of consciousness so that we could gain a spiritual perspective of this historic time. The results were enlightening and empowering! I feel so strongly that people need support during this time that I am doing something I have never done before to expand access to those who feel called. I am will be teaching a weekend workshop that will be a combination of my introductory Foundations in the Akashic Record class AND a dive into what is going on in the world today to give you guidance to make empowered choices in your own life and to support those around you. This is a unique opportunity for those new to this work, those who have not used the process in a while, and those who have been long time users and ready for another layer of depth and attunement. What can learning to access the Akashic Record can do for you? • Explore your special gifts, abilities and challenges from your soul’s perspective. • Understand your purpose in this lifetime and how you can manifest your deepest desires. • Experience Oneness with Spirit in a way that is uniquely meaningful to you. • Communicate with and gain insight from people who have passed on. • Receive guidance on business and creative projects • Gain perspective and insights into relationships in your life • Discover your soul’s other lifetimes and see how past lives may be influencing your life right now. • Gain an introduction to working with others. • Access understanding to global and local events and the world around you. The Akashic Record is a vibrational record of every soul’s journey as well as the possibilities of its path in the future. The Akashic Record is an aspect of Spirit that when accessed has great potential for healing and guidance. It is a path that leads to greater alignment with your soul and G-d. The Akashic Record has been referred to in many ancient spiritual teachings and religions. In the Bible it is called the “The Book of Life” and the “Book of G-d’s remembrance”. Class Details Time: Saturday 9-4 & Sunday 9-4 ~ Both days are required ~ No alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours prior to class and throughout the weekend ~Location: Wausau Area, Wisconsin. Accommodations available nearby. ~Investment: $347 EARLY REGISTRATION BONUS- REGISTER BY TUESDAY MAY 12 AND SAVE $50 AND PAY $297 Advanced Registration Required. Register early to guarantee your spot. Credit Cards accepted. TO REGISTER - Contact Julee Julee accesses the Akashic Record through a Sacred Invocation given to her by Spirit. This creates a ladder to come into greater alignment with your soul and G-d. She is passionate about empowering people to live a meaningful life and manifest their deepest heart’s desires. Julee has been sharing the gift of the Akashic Record for 18 years. She works with clients around the country conducting private sessions as well as teaching workshops on how to access this profound domain of consciousness. Julee has helped many people find the purpose and the gifts in their life challenges. Please pass this along to friends, family, colleagues and others who may be interested. .

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