Livier presents TechnoColor 132 @ Enation.Fm 21:00 EDT (NY Time) : NEURONOK (México)

 15 May
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TechnoColor Monthly Underground Techno Radio Show hosted by Livier TechnoColor In this 132 Edition, I present Neuronok Enrique native from sinaloa mexico, multifaceted lover of the arts, in early 2008 influenced by the electronic music friends, artists, musicians, djs and producers scene, started his first project djing proghressive experimental electronic music in 2010. Enrique starts a project based on melodic Techno music that would lead him to discover different parts of the mexican Republic and also to share the stage, "to share the stage with djs such as " Alex di stefano. Popof. Dub fire. Umek. Citizen kain. Raiz. M.a.n.d.y. Audiofly. Marcus Worgull. James Zabiela. Lützenkirchen. Dance spirit. Magda. Guy gerber. Tomy DeClerque. Luis flores. Hector. Maverikz. Machino. Talamasca. Perfect stranger. Carisma. Dj tennis. Fur coat. among other groups, bands, producers of experimental electronic music. Today enrique is part of different promoting agencies(midnight music.) (Infonabeat recordings.) (Cosmikal rec.) (About music.) And has collaboration in other companies like Indigroove without mensionar one of his greatest life desu projects (neuro.) As a producer of electronic music and remixes. Neuro. under the influence of instrumental music, loud noises psychodelics, notes and soft melodies, looking at each of its sessions is reached to distinguish the infinite range of sounds that compose a track or song, also to explore the vast world of music and all its aspects. ♫ ARTIST LINKS: :::::FAN PAGE: :::::SOUNDCLOUD: :::::::::::WEB RADIO SCHEDULE ►Xltrax (Canada) Every Monday @ 11:00PM EDT (New York) @ 10:00PM CDT (Mexico City) @ 08:00PM PST (Los Angeles) ►CUEBASE-FM (Germany) RED STREAM @ 2:00 PM CET (Germany / Rome) @ 1:00 PM BST (London) @ 9:00 AM EDT (New York) @ 8:00 AM CDT (Mexico City) @ 6:00 AM PST (Los Angeles) ► Techno-Paradize Every 2 Sunday of the month @ 08:00PM CET (Germany / Rome) @ 07:00PM BST (London) @ 11:00AM PST (Los Angeles) @ 01:00PM CDT (Mexico City) @ 02:00PM EST (New York) ►Eradio-one (Germany) European time: 2nd saturday of the month: @ 01:00AM CET (Germany / Rome) @ 12:00AM BST (London) America's time: @ 04:00PM PST (Los Angeles) @ 06:00PM CDT (Mexico City) @ 07:00PM EDT (New York) ►ENATION.FM (Florida,USA) Every Friday @ 09:00PM EDT (New York) @ 08:00PM CDT (Mexico City) @ 06:00PM PST (Los Angeles) ►Techno.FM (London) Every Thursday @ 11:00PM CEST (Germany/Rome) @ 10:00PM BST (London) @ 02:00PM PST (Los Angeles) @ 04:00PM CDT (Mexico City) @ 05:00PM EDT (New York) ►STROM:KRAFT - Radio (Germany) 3rd Sunday of the month @ 08:00PM CEST (Germany / Rome) @ 07:00PM BST (London) @ 11:00AM PST (Los Angeles) @ 01:00PM CDT (Mexico City) @ 02:00PM EDT (New York) ►Kittikun Minimal Techno Shoutcast (Japan) 2nd friday of the month 18:00 GMT +9 broadcasted @itunes ► Crossfader (Mexico) ===> Upcoming schedule <==== ▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ Join the TechnoColor Group on Facebook █ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ If you are a real underground techno lover, please feel free to join my TechnoColor Radio Show group on facebook and invite your techno friends to our techno community!* Link: ▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ Livier artist info █ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ Until the next edition ! We appreciate your support !

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