Live Music Bellydance Workshop in Bristol

 17 May
 The Island
 The Island, old Bridewell Police station, Nelson street - BS1 2LE - Bristol - United Kingdom
 Shams Bellydance
We have a fabulous line up of musicians for you to indulge your musicality, comprising, Elvin Herrick on tabla, Jo Levine on accordion and Simon Leach (oud, percussion, vocals). We are going all out Egyptian Classics this time with..... wait for it...... Alf Leyla Wa Leyla AND Tamra Henna!! Workshop will be led this time by experienced facilitator, رقص شرقي شمس Shams Belly Dance (Tracey Jones) who has been dancing Raqs Sharqi since 1994, bringing you 21 years of bellydance experience! Her journey into bellydance has culminated in an MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy, which draws upon authentic movement, understanding the intricate nature of kinetic chains, and the mind-body. This workshop will draw upon all the elements she has to offer, renowned for being a very generous teacher and specialising in drawing out each dancers emotional depth and unique physicality you will be in safe hands in terms of level, this workshop will be just right for YOU!. The most important element in dance improvisation workshops is that it is a safe space in which you can truly get into your own feeling and expression. This is what we will endeavour to provide. Intinerary Comprises: A thorough warm up - quick guided tour of bellydance anatomy, Breathing, kinetics, contract and release mechanisms that are vital for effective musicality. Posture ranges and spacial use for projecting different feelings. Quick guided tour of the music, the background, the meaning, identifying baladi (archetypal female Egyptian) personas that you might wish to delve into to help your expression. Time to move with the music itself, adding rich layers into your dancing on each repeat of the piece. Gentle guidance on how to exercise musicality in ways that will connect you with the musicians, yourself and your audience. One on one attention - by studying your dance style/ ability I will offer technique suggestions, finding movements that fit YOU, that will express your dance in an authentic Egyptian manner. Please bring with you, a drink, (you may not need dance slippers, as the floor is a proper rubber dance floor, but bring them if you have them). Also you might like to bring a camera/ video recorder. I am really looking forward to dancing with you and sharing my passion for live music, connection and the beauty and health benefits of this sumptuous way of moving - Bellydance! x Cost: £30 per person - Bookings/ Payment in advance.

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