Live! Blossom Blues Cool-Down

 18 May
 Restaurant Commihalle
 Stampfenbachstrasse 8 - 8001 - Zürich - Switzerland
 Nadja Gross
You think, it's Monday, and after a mere 4 parties, you can't keep going? WRONG! we thought, hey, since the band is still in town, and so are a couple of dancers, we might as well throw-down another party. Yes it's a monday, yes, we have to work the next day, but let's hit the dancefloor one more time! The Zapateros ft. Andy Schelker will play for us once more! Andre and Dante Zapata grew up playing and studying music together, gifting them with a unique synchronization when performing. Both multi-instrumentalists, the Zapata brothers have a heavily improvisational approach, inspired by everything from classic blues and jazz genres, to modern soul music. They perform with a sense of spontaneity and playfulness, but always maintaining a grounded underlying rhythm and groove. Dante Zapata is also active in the Portland dance scene, and brings his understanding of dance and rhythmic stylings into the performance, further helping to blur the line between the music and the movement. Andy Schelker is a jazz drummer from Lucerne, the perfect addition for the brothers. Check him out on his website This will be very much a fusion party, as we are trying to bring together all kinds of scenes. Lindyhoppers, Westies, Zoukers, Kizombers... and Bluesers of course! :) 15.- at the door. And you can eat there, too!

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