Literary Highlands: From Waverley (1814) to Outlander (2014)

 15 May
 50 George Square, screening room G.04
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 Lena Wånggren
Literary Highlands: From Waverley (1814) to Outlander (2014) For the last two centuries, literary and other cultural representations of the Scottish Highlands have captured the imagination of readers and audiences across the world. When Walter Scott's Waverley was published 200 years ago, it was a runaway success and established a vogue for romanticised representations of the Highlands, its Gaelic culture and its people. Since then, we have seen a range of literary and cultural representations of the Highlands and Highlanders ranging from Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped (1886) to Compton Mackenzie's Whisky Galore (1947) and Braveheart (1995). Recently the US television series Outlander (2014), adapted from the book series (1991-) by Diana Gabaldon, and influenced by Scott's novels, have gained public recognition. As recently revealed, British PM David Cameron negotiated to have the UK release date of the series delayed until after the Scottish independence referendum, demonstrating the political potency still carried by literary representatins of the Highlands. At this event, we will discuss literary and other cultural representations and constructions of the Scottish highlands, reading an excerpt from Scott's classic novel (excerpt provided, see below) as well as watching the second episode of Outlander. The viewing will be followed by an informal discussion over whisky, oatcakes, and other culinary treats. No preparation needed, although a read through of the Scott excerpt might be useful. Hope to see you there! Links Waverley excerpt: 'David Cameron "met Sony over Outlander UK release"', The Scotsman:

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