16 May
 Möllevångsatan 37 - - Malmö - Sweden
 Sofia Fredlund
New Stratas Lily Benson 16/5 – 7/6 In the early 1920s, artist and filmmaker Oskar Fischinger built a machine that simultaneously cut a slice of melted wax colors and took a photograph. This process automatically generated swirling and mesmerizing animations. Having experimented with digital variations of this process, Lily Benson now returns to its analog roots. What other simple physical gestures instantly create a hypnotic experience? Here, the transcendental properties of arts and crafts projects are layered upon one another, including those that were popular during the height of psychedelia: macramé and marbleizing. Hypnosurgery experiments reveal that through hypnosis, pain can be transformed into tingling and tickling sensations. Perhaps these creations can do the same. Lily Benson is an American filmmaker and visual artist. Her work examines feminist history and reconstructs it into new narrative forms. She received a BFA from The Cooper Union in NYC and is a MFA candidate at Malmö Art Academy in Sweden. Her work has appeared at places including The Elizabeth Foundation (NYC), CPH:DOX, Rotterdam International Film Festival, and Nicolai Wallner Gallery (Denmark). Vernissage: lördag 16 maj 18-22 Öppet: lördag och söndag 13-17 VÄLKOMMEN! MAKERIET Möllevångsgatan 37 Malmö

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