~*~ Light a Candle & Raise Your Voice for Fukushima ~*~

 20 May
 Everywhere and Anywhere
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 Speaking the Unspeakable
~*~ Event Updated on 1/12/14 to include more ways to respond with hope and inspired action ~*~ Fukushima is a turning point event in human history. The stakes are high. Much remains unknown and uncertain. One thing that is known is that clean-up will take many years. We cannot know the long term effects this will have. What are we to do? In times such as these, being aware and educated are important to stay balanced in light of all the fear campaigns. To be certain, this is a very serious situation, yet fear and panic will not help anything. Hope and inspired action are the keys to moving through this with grace and empowerment. A full-spectrum event such as this requires a full-spectrum response. Below are simple ways that you can respond with hope and inspired action. Please add your voice, your spark, your hope, your heart to global event. <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ ~*~ Light a candle each night to symbolize hope for humanity and pray for the successful clean-up of Fukushima, the removal of the spent fuel rods and an end to the proliferation of nuclear power and other toxic chemicals in our world. ~*~ Send prayers in whatever way you pray each morning, afternoon and night. ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ ~*~ Share this event with family and friends that we may unify our hope, our intent, our prayers to have greater impact than anything we could achieve alone. ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ ~*~ Be educated! Do your own research and be informed. Share information and resources with your friends, family and co-workers. Post information, links and resources here on the event page. Be a change agent for good. www.Fairewinds.com ~ Arnie Gundersen is a respected nuclear scientist; this is his site. http://rt.com ~ A global news network that has been covering Fukushima consistently. http://www.psr.org/resources/fukushima-disaster.html ~ From the Physician’s for Social Responsibility http://blog.safecast.org/ ~ Safecast ~ monitoring radiation levels http://www.nirs.org/fukushima/crisis.htm ~ Nuclear Information and Resource Service ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ ~*~ Speak out! Your voice matters. Call upon the leaders of your country, local and national, to be a voice for the people, for the global community and for future generations. Ask for greater involvement and support. Let us unify our voices in calling for a global unified response to Fukushima. For those in the U.S.: (For those in other countries, please post information on who/how to contact leaders within your country and it can be added to the event info here) **** Call the White House 202-456-1111 **** Request that President Obama step up US involvement in the clean-up efforts at Fukushima. Call on the White House to serve as a catalyst to unify the global community to support Japan. Speak to the mistakes and incompetence of TEPCO and demand more accountability. **** Call your federal House & Senate Reps **** Find your Senators & Reps at: http://www.opencongress.org/people/zipcodelookup Simply enter your zip code and get the names and numbers of who you need to call...then make the call. It literally only takes a minute. **** Call your state level House & Senate Reps **** Do a search in your favorite engine with: [your state] find your legislators ...and you should find what you need pretty easily This is especially good for those living on the west coast who are at greater risk of being affected by radiation, yet all states should be concerned about this. Tell them you're concerned. Ask them if they're tracking the developments. Ask them to call on the federal government to do more to ensure the dangerous mission of removing the spent fuel rods is successful. **** You can also call your local city and county representatives **** Follow the same process as above. **** SAMPLE CALL **** "Hi, my name is _______ and I'm a constituent of __[use full title and last name]. I've been following what's developing in Fukushima [insert what you know and are comfortable speaking to, i.e. “I’m concerned about the removal of the spent fuel rods and the lack of competency shown by TEPCO who has been in charge of the clean-up. I've read that the slightest error with result in disaster with a radiation level equivalent to 14,000 times that of Hiroshima. What concerns me further, is that the U.S. is not testing imports from Japan, nor are we testing for radiation in seafood or dairy.] Is _________'s office following this? I am asking for ____(title and name)____ to urge the ___(acting body, i.e. Congress, City Council, federal government)___ to call for a global response to help support the clean-up effort. I would like to hear back on this important issue." ~*~ Remember to thank the person you speak with. Extra bonus points if you get the name of the person and call back in a week or two to follow-up and learn your representative’s position on the issue. Even more bonus points if you post information here on this page! ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ <3 ~~ May we join together as one global family, one human race, one interconnected planet, and light a candle for Fukushima, for hope, for future generations. Remember that your voice, your prayers, your light and your heart make a difference. ~*~ Thank you ~*~

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