Lets Feed & Clothe the Homeless, May 30- San Bernardino

 30 May
 Seccombe Lake State Urban Recreation Area
 160 E 5th St - 92410 - San Bernardino - United States
 Dante El
"Our Father--Allah asks not for needless waste of plant, of grain, of dove, of lamb. That which you burn on any shrine you throw away. No blessings can attend the one who takes the food from hungry mouths to be destroyed by fire. When you would offer sacrifice unto Allah, just take your gift of grain, or meat, and lay it on the table of the poor. From it an incense will arise to heaven, which will return to you with blessedness. Tear down your idols; they can hear you not; turn all your sacrificial altars into fuel for the flames. Make human hearts your altars, and burn your sacrifices with the fire of love." ~Prophet Jesus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Peace! On the last Saturday of this month, The Moorish Students of Ali will be hosting another peaceful demonstration of feeding & clothing the homeless, who "live" in & around Seccombe Lake park, in downtown San Bernardino. Uplifting fallen humanity is a unified effort, therefore we're inviting ALL members of Temples, Masjids, Churches, Synagogues, lodges, study groups, community out-reach groups etc, as well as individuals, who understand that the power too change less than humane conditions in our cities, lays within the will of the people who reside in Kalifia & not just the men & women who work for the system. Again, we will be giving as well as accepting donations of clothes, fruit, veggies, fish, meat (no swine of any kind, please) WATER, WATER, WATER & more WATER. there will be at least one grill in place too serve bbq to the less fortunate. All donations & efforts too unify in this cause will be very much appreciated by us & those who need it most! For more information regarding the drive please inbox either myself, Bro S Jennings El, Ryan Verrette Bey or Alexa Morgan Harris. Peace & Love

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