Legendeer California Symposium in San Francisco

 29 May
 SOMArts Cultural Center
 934 Brannan St - 94103 - San Francisco - United States
May 29-31 San Francisco, CA Legendeer is art in action. The Legendeer Symposium will be an intensive and immersive experience that puts the emphasis on the action: shaping stories, not just talking about them. We have curated a faculty from diverse areas of the creative world: ­painters, photographers, writers, athletes, educators and entrepreneurs ­ to demonstrate the way they seek out stories and evolve a personal voice that stands out from the crowd. Learn proven, scalable processes in ideation, creative voice development, authoring intellectual property, and building a life of rich experiences that inspire and inform your work. Equip yourself with everything you need to bring your most important projects to life. *DRAWN: Jeremy Collin's San Francisco Film Premiere & Book Signing- ticket included with price of Legendeer programs, or purchase separately.* Symposium Outcomes Idea generation and refinement techniques will be explained, and then demonstrated by multiple instructors at the same time, so you can see how they author, frame and solve creative problems. Explore your own processes and get feedback on how they can be improved. Panel discussions and interviews with instructors explore the connections between their life experiences and the work you know them for. Discussions will be open, so if you have something to ask, or something to contribute, the floor is yours. We want to share the information that is usually overlooked, and answer burning questions on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of being a full-time creator. Bring your own ideas for artworks, stories, and projects to the table during breakout sessions. Take them apart, refine them, and recombine them in more powerful ways. Discuss your projects with Instructors and define a clear vision for how to bring them to fruition. Performances and live painting will bring you as close as you can get to being in the artists’ studios. Evening activities will take us out into San Francisco to put the principles into action, connect with our creative community, and leave us exhausted and inspired. SPEAKERS AND PRESENTERS Barron Storey- Illustrator - Graphic novelist - Teacher - Created timeless covers for Lord of the Flies and Farenheit 451 Sadie Quarrier- Senior Photo Editor, National Geographic Sterling Hundley- Founder of Legendeer - Painter - Writer - Professor in Communication Arts- Illustrator for Treasure Island, Rolling Stone, The Grammys, MLB Jeremy Collins- Illustrator - Draftsman - Climber - Entrepreneur- Filmmaker- Founder of Meridian Line- Author of Drawn: The Art of Ascent Adam Paquette- Illustrator - Writer - Painter - Digital Nomad Noah Bradley- Painter - Teacher - Writer - Entrepreneur - Founder of Art Camp - Wanderer Ron Lemen- Painter - Illustrator - Teacher Robalū Gibsun- Spoken Word Poet- Artist Vanessa Lemen- Painter - Teacher - Fine Artist Justin Sweet- Painter - Illustrator - Concept Artist for The Avengers, Thor 2, Narnia- Co-creator of Eclipse: The Well and the Black Sea Andrew Hem- Painter - Street Artist - Muralist Jordan Kushins Jon Schindehette- Founder of The Art Order- Creative Director Shauna Potocky- Founder of Words & Wilderness - Writer - Poet - Teacher - Naturalist- Catalyst Kirk Keeler- Photographer - Adventurer- Teacher- Staff Photographer for the Ansel Adams Museum Dan Luvisi- Creator of Last Man Standing and Popped Culture- Illustrator- World Builder

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