16 May
 Anthem, AZ, United States
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 Refiners Firearms
LESS LETHAL SELF DEFENSE - LEARN TO PROTECT YOURSELF WITHOUT A FIREARM Saturday May 16, 2015 12:30pm – 5:30pm in Anthem AZ TO REGISTER Please Email us your Name and Contact Info to: RefinersFirearms@gmail.com Is it possible that one day you could be in a situation where you must defend yourself against someone who intends to do you harm? Are firearms NOT for you? How do you respond to a real threat that may not warrant the use of lethal force? What do you do if you must defend yourself and those you love at a location that you are not legally able to carry a firearm? These are all very important, real-world questions. In response, REFINERS FIREARMS is excited to present our LESS LETHAL SELF DEFENSE TRAINING. This class is for individuals, couples, and families that want to learn effective personal protection techniques to help keep themselves and those they love safe. This is a NON Firearms course. We strongly encourage families to attend this very important training together. IN THIS CLASS YOU WILL LEARN: • proper awareness and mindset to defend yourself and those you love • how to use the things you carry with you on a daily basis as self defense tools • how to create distance from an attacker so you can get away • improve your chances of surviving and getting away from an attack using less lethal methods and tools WHO SHOULD ATTEND THIS IMPORTANT TRAINING: • Women, men and elderly who shop at big box shopping centers like Wal-Mart, Target, and grocery stores • Family’s who go to the park together • Women, men and elderly who get fuel at gas stations like Circle K, AM/PM, and the like • Women who shop with their young children • Women, men and elderly who walk, hike, or run outdoors for work or pleasure • Responsible youth ages 12 and older who are mentally mature WHEN AND WHERE IS THE TRAINING? • Anthem AZ; I17 and Anthem Way • Saturday May 16, 2015 from 12:30 pm – 5:30 pm HOW MUCH DOES IT COST & HOW DO I REGISTER? • Training fee is $80 per person or $150 per family (up to four immediate family members). • To register please send an email to RefinersFireams@gmail.com with your name, address, and contact info. Please include the same info for your immediate family members who will be training with you. • Please mail payment to Refiners Firearms; 3120 W Carefree Hwy #1-521; Phoenix AZ 85086 I HAVE QUESTIONS WHO DO I CONTACT? • Please email all questions to RefinersFirearms@gmail.com and we will promptly respond to your inquiry Our Instructor for this very important class is James Stevens. James' primary passion is helping and training women, men, children, and the elderly in basic self defense. He has helped many battered women and abused children in building self confidence with self defense techniques. James is a self defense trainer with a lifetime of experience using hands, feet and everyday items for personal defense. James has trained in the Martial Arts for over 30 years and has earned a 4th degree black belt in Nin-Sho and has trained and received mutable belts in a variety of other Martial Arts disciplines. James works for the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office as a Transport and Extradition Officer. He is AZ Post trained in Firearms, and he is General instructor for the Sheriff’s Office. James is also trained in E.M.S. and as a Fire Fighter since 1991.

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