01 June
 Lynch lane Offices The Hanger , Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 9DN, DT4 7DN WEYMOUTH BEACH AND PAVILION
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 Healthy Habit Dorset
WARNING THIS EXPERIENCE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER! Is this you? Feeling bloated and not yourself Missing out on social occasions because of how you look or how you feel about yourself You always start that diet on Monday ... You are in a cycle of self-loathing and self-deprivation Everything else comes before your health and happiness You can't remember the last time you felt sexy and beautiful When you go into a clothes shop you dread trying on the clothes There isn't a diet or supplement you haven't tried Your diet at the moment can be feast or famine with a few diet bars, shakes in the mix The thought of going to a gym makes you clammy and run to the fridge for safety You are not sure where to start if you wanted to Exercise has never been your thing You work long hours and there is never enough time Nutrition sounds too complicated begin to understand… **Introducing** Lean 4 life Academy 12 week LEAN BODY BOOT CAMP (STARTING JUNE 1ST ) o Cook and eat for your body's needs o Receive full support during the session from team and coaches o Receive motivation form working with like minded others o Gain a new energy and love for yourself o Live your life the way you want to and live for longer o Say Goodbye to body fat and hello to slimmer, toned and healthy you ... For life !! "There is always a moment when you have to act, despite your fears, and jump out into the unknown" IF YOU THINK YOU WOULD LIKE TO STEP TOWARDS A HEALTHIER LONGER LIFE AND SHRED UNWANTED BODY FAT, TAKE CONTROL AND DROP AN EMAIL TO info@healthyhabitdorset.co.uk and provide the following details 1 Your name, age and contact number 2 Why you want to make the changes now ? WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU ... THE FIRST 10 WILL RECEIVE A FREE RECIPE BOOK

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