League of Legends 5v5 Tournament at the Fort Smith Convention Center

 16 May
 The Fort Smith Convention Center
 55 S 7th St - 72901 - Fort Smith - United States
 Christian Mitchell
Team signup time: 10:00 AM Tournament Start time: 11:00 AM Entry Fee: $20 per person, or $100 per team Game Mode: 5v5 Map: Summoner’s Rift Tournament Type: Tournament Draft, Double Elimination Bans per team: 3 Game Length: Until a victory is had Game Win Condition: Surrender or Nexus destroyed Champion Selection: Unlocked Champions by any means available Restrictions: There are no restrictions Region: North America Draft Rules: Since teams are randomly seeded, a coin flip will be used to determine the picking of blue side or red side. The only exception will be Grand Finals where the winner's bracket side will be able to choose their side. Player Eligibility: If there are any rules that a player does not agree to, that player will not be eligible to compete. Players must play on one account only throughout the entirety of the tournament. This is to keep the Riot-sanctioned prizes easily given out. Team Eligibility: Teams must have a minimum of 5 players, and a maximum of 7 players. (Take note that the prizes will ONLY BE AWARDED TO PLAYERS THAT ARE ON THEIR ROSTER AT THE END OF THE TOURNAMENT) so whatever team member's names are written for the Riot prizes will be given the cash prizes as well. Subs are mainly there for any sort of freak accident happening. All players that are on the team’s roster will need to pay the entry fee. Disconnection rules: Players may pause the game if there is an unintentional disconnect, or server crash. If a player intentionally quits, or intentionally disconnects, the game will continue without pause. Players may also call for a rematch within 5 minutes if there is a technical difficulty, and only if first blood has not been declared. Penalties: Teams will need to be ready for your next match. Teams will be penalized if the following happen: 10 Minutes late – Game loss. 20 Minutes late, dropped from tournament. If players intentionally pause the game without a valid reason, it may be considered unfair play. If players are caught using cheat or maphack programs, they will be disqualified. Equipment: Equipment of your own must be brought, for the Fort Smith Convention Center does not provide us with any sort of computers. Bring what you want and extra if you have anything, you never know who may need something to use and you may make a new friend as well! Prizes: 1st place: $500 + 3200 RP/Triumphant Ryze 2nd place: $250 + 2400 RP 3rd/4th place: $100 + 1600/800 RP 5th/6th place: $50 (TAKE NOTE: These prizes are subject to change, but I am looking at nothing below $400 for first place. The tournament is almost 3 months exactly from now and money is the main factor in all of this. All entry fee money will be going to prize money)

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