Lead India Charity Rally Phase II - Mumbai to Bhubaneswar

 05 June
 Mumbai, India
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 Lead India Charity Rally
LEAD INDIA CHARITY RALLY is a vibrant and vivid Awareness Raising Campaign, to highlight social issues and spread awareness on eight major social issues of the nation, initiated by LEAD INDIA FOUNDATION, one of the biggest networking organisation in India, supported by 500 nongovernmental organisations working for the development of approximately five million people in the urban and rural part of India in Five major states i.e. Odisha, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tripura, Nagaland and Manipur. The 8 major social causes for which Charity Rally will bring awareness and raise funds are: •Women Empowerment and Gender Equality •Bhikari Mitao Bhook Mitao: A Beggar and Hunger Free India •Rapid Rescue and Relief in Pre & Post Disaster •Child Sponsorship and Child Education: IDEAL INDIAN •Elderly Care and Old age Homes: HEAVEN •Livelihood and Human Rights •Networking, Nurturing and Nestling NGOs Lead India Foundation has planned to cover entire India to promote social awareness in four phases. The first Charity Rally was organized from 8th March to 25th March, 2014 from Ahmedabad to Agartala. This rally has brought together more than 5000 NGOs, raised funds, conducted more than 1000 social awareness campaigns and met more than 1 lakh people of large in the 500 kms that it has covered. The second phase will be from Mumbai (Maharastra) to Bhubaneswar (Orissa) All corporates, NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, Community Based organizations, Society at large is invited to be a part of this...

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