Spring Lane "Black Friday" Dance!

 28 November
 1750 East Spring Lane, Holladay, Utah
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 Frank Overfelt
Spring Lane
Suggested donation: $5.00. Food provided until 11 p.m. Dress: Nice Casual. Note: If you bring 3 cans of food for the Utah Food Bank (this night only), we'll drop a dollar off your admission rate. It's Thanks"giving"! Dance Instruction from 8-9. The dance will run from 9-12 midnight with a live band - Can't Stop Rockin! Facebook Event: We are using a "rolling date event" format meaning that the start and stop dates will change after each monthly dance. Ignore the number of people "going" and the "maybe" people--it is not accurate. Ignore the end date and time as well as that is sometimes also not going to be accurate. Also note that Facebook is now limiting the number of people that can be invited to an event by an individual, so a "duplicate" event has been created and the event link is listed below. Apologies in advance to anyone who has been inadvertently invited to both events. Breakfast after the dance: Breakfast after the dance is of course optional, it is a private get together, and you pay for your own food. Everyone is invited. Several of the singles go to breakfast afterwards at the Village Inn located near 5900 South State Street. Check with the regular party animals to see which restaurant they will be going to--but it is usually Village Inn. Sponsorship and Disclaimer: This dance is an official single adult activity sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, this Facebook Event posting is a private posting. Questions/comments: Call/text dancindave at 801-680-7361.

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