LDG: Sex Panic - The Real History Behind the San Francisco Bathhouse Closures

 27 May
 385 8th St - 94103 - San Francisco - United States
 Eric Burkett
In 1984 the controversy over bathhouses and the AIDS crisis, sexual freedom and public health erupted into a political battle. With a skyrocketing increase of AIDS deaths, a fight within the gay community, city hall, and the medical community erupted, fueling passions on all sides. A vibrant sex culture collapsed, and the aftermath affects us 30 years later. Panelist Buzz Bense moved to San Francisco in 1979 and lived here through the plague years. He has been a sex educator, activist and erotic art collector. In 1986, he opened the first intentional sex club, 890 Folsom , and was founder/owner of Eros.

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