Launching Stars: The C. Joshua Ogzewalla Tribute Concert (an 18+ show)

 22 May
 Larimer Lounge
 2721 Larimer St - 80205 - Denver - United States
 Tonja Yelton
For the first time, these powerful bands that have been around the world come together to honor the passion and power of music in honor of Joshua Ogzewalla, known to his fans as the Slayer of the Void: The Sleepers: The Sleepers have been a staple of the Denver music scene for some time, and have had fabulous press in Westword as well. Their sound is a combination of the Breeders and Sonic Youth mixed with Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Nico in the desert, as they so eloquently state it on their FB page. If you have not had the chance to see this band live, you are missing out on something powerful and beautiful. You have GOT to check them out. Rob Green and the Lavellas - The Lavellas, a phenomenal band, have not played live in the Denver area for some time, and were one of Joshua's favorite bands when he was in Dark Orchid. Robyn Green is traveling from Geneva Switzerland to make this show happen, and Denver is lucky to have the Lavellas together again! Conceptualized in 2001 by Denver natives Robyn Green and Jason Mathews, the two musicians plowed through numerous members until finally settling into the current stable line up with drummer S-tron -though for this show Taj Yelton (Orbiting Blue) will be guest drummer. After gaining wide recognition across the 1600 block of North Avenue for their atmospheric, wave bashing, pop ditties, the Lavellas revealed their secret song writing process which involves eating fog, and causing self-inflicted damage to the retinas, which is most easily done by staring into the sun for long periods of time, but can also be achieved (at night) with lasers. The music is recommended for those who like rainy days and picnics in the sky. K-Badness - K-Badness hails from Chicago, and is making a special trip out to Denver just to play this show. Massive props, K-Badness! Dark Orchid - Though Josh is no longer with them, Dark Orchid will regroup with guest musicians for one final show, dedicated to the brother they lost but will meet again in the blink of an eye. Taj, Tonja, and Kevin will all be present and Kevin and Tonja will be playing a special final acoustic version of Rise. Other DO songs from their album "Kali Yuga" will be performed with members of both Orbiting Blue and IVAC. In 2005 the Kali Yuga album was released on the opening day of the Denver Dark Arts festival with no advance publicity - it was the highest-selling album of the festival. They were honored to be a part of the Gestalt Records label and their music was featured on independent film soundtracks. Orbiting Blue - Tonja Yelton (Dark Orchid, Red Glow Aviator) is making her debut onstage after 8 years away from performing. This is her first project since 2007, and is what she considers to be the very best thing she's done - Orbiting Blue includes Taj Yelton (Dark Orchid, Red Glow Aviator), Ryan Smith (The Last Seen), and Cara Idol (SubStation, I Hate Kate). Intra-Venus & the Cosmonauts - This is the band Josh was playing in and ROCKING with as he was becoming too ill to play, though true to his nature he played even when past the point when he truly could no longer play. Music has always truly been Josh's wife and mistress, and his sexy love affair with music shows prominently within this project. Intra-Venus & the Cosmonauts formed in 2012 and immediately began writing songs to rock the house. Their live act is an unforgettable auditory assault that leaves audiences stunned and begging for more. In July 2014, the band hired David J (founding member of legendary bands Bauhaus and Love and Rockets) to produce their album that August; they used Kickstarter to raise funds for the project, which resulted in the acclaimed album Forgotten Stars, released December 9, 2014. The album is available at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp, and other online stores. Proceeds from this show will go to the C. Joshua Ogzewalla Music Scholarship. Expect surprises!

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