Language Cafe Every Saturday #148

 16 May
 台北市中山北路二段11巷7之2號 - 104 - Taipei - Taiwan
 Elaine Ke
★★★★★ Taipei Language Cafe (Language Café Round) ★★★★★ (社團) Our pages (粉絲專頁) 請按各讚♥ :) ########################## TUESDAY Language Cafe @ Bottle Shop @ 7pm SATURDAY Language Cafe @ Dream of Hobbiton @ 8pm ########################## TUESDAY Language Cafe @ Bottle Shop @ 7pm (For SAT see below) Hey Guys, We are kicking off Language Cafe --NOW-- Semiweekly events with a lot of awesomeness. Come join us this Tuesday, at Beer & Bottle Shop for a good time. Basically it is a great chance to chill out and relax, joke about life, or enjoy the chance to meet some new friends. PLACE: LOCATION: The Bottle Shop (Taipei City Hall Station Exit 1) GOOGLE MAPS: DIRECTIONS for TUESDAY (For SAT see below): 1) Go to TAIPEI CITY HALL STATION EXIT 1, turn right at the top of the exit, pass the 7-11, and cross Keelung Road. 2) After you cross Keelung Rd you'll pass a building with Skin / Yoga stores and take the first RIGHT down the first street you see. (You will see a Family Mart and 7-11 down this street) 3) Take a LEFT on the street in front of Family Mart, walk a few meters, and on your left you'll see The Bottle Shop **EVERY SATURDAY @ DREAM OF HOBBITON @ 8pm (For TUE see above) PLACE: Dream of Hobbiton 夢見哈比屯 No. 7-2, Lane 11, Section 2, Zhōngshān North Rd, Zhongshan District 中山北路二段11巷7之2號, Taipei, Taiwan 104 TIME: Every Saturday at 8pm - midnight COST: The cost is 200 NT for the event. This price helps pay for the restaurant and also you get YOUR CHOICE of 2 DRINKS or a BEER. Most people find the price reasonable for having a friendly and casual atmosphere where you can meet new friends and have a good time. The restaurant reserves the right to charge an additional 500 NT to anyone consuming alcoholic beverages inside the restaurant which were not purchased in the restaurant. GOOGLE MAPS: Streetview with Hobbiton on the right: DIRECTIONS for SATURDAY: A) From ZHONGSHAN STATION EXIT 3 continue walking straight until you reach the intersection. B) After the intersection go strait across ZhongShan North Road Section 1 and you will see a really big and fancy hotel called “The Okura” 台北大倉久和大飯店 C) After you walk past The Okura take a left turn and go down that small street (next to the hotel's underground parking) and walk until the intersections of the roads. On the corner you will see an Italian Pasta restaurant/bar and to the right of it is the Cafe: Dream of Hobbiton 夢見哈比屯 Please click the JOIN button to let us know you are coming. We need a head count of how many people will show up. The languages that you can usually find people speaking are English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German and Japanese. We also sometimes have people who can speak Italian, Polish, Malay, Korean and other languages. Invite your friends for the fun. Anyone who wants to have some fun speaking some languages is welcome to join. Let us know! : ) Send an SMS message to get in touch with one of the hosts if you wanna: 0978918991 See you there! ~ Erik and Elaine IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE ***PLEASE READ*** Please remember safety when attending this or any Couchsurfing / Meetup / Facebook event to trust your instincts when meeting any new people at events. If you feel harassed or uncomfortable in anyway remember to state your boundaries firmly say NO. Most people at our event are friendly so don't worry or feel shy about moving on and talking to somebody else for any reason. If you have any questions, concerns, or incidents please talk to one of the hosts: Erik, Elaine, or Arun. Event organizers, hosts, and restaurant staff reserve the right to deny entry and/or remove any event attendee from the event, at any time, for any reason that is deemed necessary to maintain the safety and quality of the event. READ OUR ANTI-HARASSMENT POLICY HERE: It is our mission to have a great time and meet people in a fun and safe environment. Let's have a great time together! Also, here is an article with some more great advice on safety: See you guys soon! Anyone can come! PS. FAQ -- Common questions people ask: Q: Can I show up late? A: No problem! Come at the time that you can make it. Q: How late are you guys there til? A: There is always someone there until midnight, that's the time the restaurant kicks us out. :P Q: Can I bring friends even if they are NOT on Couchsurfing? A: Yes! Please bring your friends! Q: What if I am SHY and it is my first time? A: People are friendly and the event is causal. You can meet new friends at the event. It's fun! Q: What is your event like? A: It is really casual where you have the chance to mingle, meet new people, and even practice other languages. Q: Does the cafe have Wifi? A: Yes! Ask a staff member of the restaurant for the code. Q: How many people usually show up? A: The range is anywhere from 60 to 160 people on Saturday, 50 to 100 on Wednesday. Q: How do I find you guys at the event? A: Ask any staff worker where we are, they will tell you. Q: Is it too late to join? A: No, it's not too late. Join us! :)

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