Kutwal valley-Haramosh Peak Trek

 06 June
 Kutwal a Heaven in gilgit baltistan
  - 12345 - Gilgit - Pakistan
 Shabbir Ahmed
This tour is an extravaganza of nature painted with crystal clear streams, flowering meadows, cascading glaciers and dense forest. Above all, the beautiful Kutwal lake at 3260m flickering under the Mani Peak 6685m, Bilchar Peak 6134m, Lila Peak 6986m, Spantik 7027m, Haramosh 7409m and Rakaposhi peaks, all combined make this place and abode of fairies. This fantastic trek has many contrasting features in the upper Haramosh valley with lush green meadows surrounded by the thick pine forests and snow covered peaks in the backdrop.The trek runs in the strip between Indus and Hunza rivers. Trek Cost........ 16000. P/person from Islam Abad/Pindi Altitude: In the range of 3400m Trek Duration: 3 Days Trek Difficulty Moderate Day-1…… 6-June-2015 Departure for Gilgit. Day-2…… 7-June-2015 Arrive Gilgit and Transfer to Hotel. Afternoon visit of Kargah Valley and Back to Hotel. Day-3…… 8-June-2015 Drive For Sasi Village and Continue to Dache 4 Hrs Jeep Ride. And Then Start Trek for Iskere Camp Site. * Ascend from the jeep trail at Dassu for about 30 minutes till you come to level ground. The terrain is easy with a clear trail winding its way next to a clear stream for an hour. Descend gradually to another stream and climb for an hour or so over green hills to arrive at the green and picturesque village of Iskere. The campsite has three streams around it and is very green, like the surrounding terrain* Day-4…… 9-June-2015 Trek to Kutwal lake. And Camp @ Kutwal lake. (10,700ft) Trek Time 5-6 Hrs. * Trek on from Iskere for an hour or so over fairly level terrain. Clear streams run down along your right side as you cross lovely alpine meadows. Climb for the next 2.5 hours or so over green hills and through pine Forests till you come to the edge of the Mani glacier’s lateral moraine. The Mani and the Baska glacier will meet before you. You will see the Mani glacier going off towards the South-West and the gap in the mountains where the Baska glacier comes down from the North-East. Descend a short scare slope of about 50 feet into the rocky Mani glacier. Hop over the boulders and rocks for an hour, moving North-East. You will come to another small scare slope. Climb this and enter pine forests again. Climb for another 45 minutes or so and you will see the gorgeous campsite of Kutwal. Trek over mostly flat grassy land for 2.5 hours approx. to reach Kutwal Lake. You can camp near the lake. The nearest stream is 15 or so minutes away from this campsite. You will see Haramosh (7,409m) towards the South and the Haramosh Pass/Haramosh La (4,800m) towards the East. The base of the pass is a 1.5 hour trek from the lake. So that’s a little over 3 hours to and from the base of the pass.* Day-5…… 10-June-2015 Rest day on Kutwal lake. And Day Free form Haramosh Peak & La. Base camp and Bichur Peak Base camp. Day-6…… 11-June-2015 Trek to Dache and Transfer into Jeep and Back to Down and Drive to Gilgit. Tranfer to Hotel. Day-7…… 12-June-2015 Drive Back to Pindi.

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