Kundalini Yoga for Manifestation E-Course

 14 June
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 Nicole Nardone
Register: http://nicolenardone.com/ecourse Get CLEAR on what your HEART DESIRES. Clear SUBCONSCIOUS FEARS that keep you BLOCKED. Build CONFIDENCE and RESILIENCE to see things through to the end. Increase INTUITION and GUIDANCE from the other realms. Infuse your world with GRATITUDE for what’s on the way. ~Daily (20-30 min) guided Kundalini Yoga & Meditation practice emailed to you each day ~Powerful daily reflections & writing prompts on manifestation topics (see below) ~One group conference call & POWERFUL energy clearing with Nicole, near the end of the week, to address anything related to the material & your experience ~Instructions on how to create a sacred manifestation bundle or altar using the elements of nature ~Once you register, you’ll be immediately placed on my own Manifestation Altar / Medicine Wheel for extra manifestation mojo (this is where the MAGIC happens – the group energy is POWERFUL). I’ll be holding energetic space for you in these days leading up to the Summer Solstice to allow your best life to blossom. As a result, your intentions are amplified BIGTIME. WHEN: Sunday June 14th – Saturday June 20th*** WHERE: The comfort of your own home COST: $79* *Course is FREE if you have a current deep dive package during the course dates. This is a special, preliminary price as it’s my first time running this course. Take advantage of it while it’s here! ***If you cannot attend these dates, you can still sign up. You’ll have unlimited access to the videos and material, so you can move through the course on your own, anytime, as many times as you like! SIGN UP at http://nicolenardone.com/ecourse PERSONAL NOTE FROM NICOLE: I’m very excited to be offering a slice of the work I do with private clients in this way. I’ll be holding a powerful space for all participants during this week, much like I do with ongoing, deep dive work. This combined with the powerful energy leading up to the summer solstice is a beautiful recipe for profound shifts, realizations, and manifestations. You’ll also be given daily, guided practices by me, based on the energy of the group to dive deep into what’s holding you back and dissolve these blocks once and for all. I’ve found that the main blocks holding people back from manifesting are: not being clear about what they want, not having the confidence to claim their dreams, subconscious fears + limiting beliefs. When we can move through these things, manifestation, prosperity, abundance, and connection flow to us unabidingly. Please join me for this inaugural e-course. I can’t wait to share these gifts with you. OVERVIEW OF DAILY TOPICS Day One: Setting intentions. Getting clear on what you want to manifest. Feeling worth of what you desire. Day Two: Clearing subconscious fears around abundance + manifesting. Day Three: Connecting to power. Infusing intentions with creativity + confidence. Day Four: Bringing in the unseen realm. Calling in Divine support. Revisiting worthiness as a path to wholeness. Day Five: Sparking intuition on the path. Looking for clues. Recognizing opportunities. Day Six: Integration day. Group energy clearing. Day Seven: Gratitude as the missing link. The magic of celebration. ***Some experience with Kundalini Yoga is helpful, but not necessary. The physical intensity of the practices is low, mostly meditation.

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