23 May
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 The Islington
Kory Clarke comes back to the UK with a vengeance promoting his explosive brand new Record, just signed by Cargo/Livewire, 'Payback's a Bitch'! The set you will witness including 4 new singles off of this new highly acclaimed album, will also lean on the extremely influential "Space Age Playboys" records and of course some of Clarke's classic acid punk anthems from his legendary Warrior Soul. Album to be released this September. Singles to be released all summer. You won't believe your ears. Reviews on the new album and updates onwww.Kory-Clarke.com. NEW ALBUM “PAYBACKS A BITCH!!!!”“ You underestimate a figure like Kory Clarke at your peril. Having redefined what rock actually could mean as the frontman and figurehead behind Warrior Soul, he’s never stopped looking forward. His currentsolo album features surprises at every turn, but crucially its voice has an authority that is instantly familiar. Mixing up agit-rock with metal and industrial/electronic influences, there are hints of Rammstein in the mix, or at least there are until Clarke decides to throw another curveball your way with something completely different. Listen to the album as a whole as Kory intended, and you’ll get a kaleidoscope of colour, of influence, a gourmet feast for the auditory system. Intelligent at times, sometimes emotional, and sometimes just plain badass, this fascinating figure has delivered yet another body of work that will hold his admirers in thrall. Go get it! ” – Steve Beebee, ‘Kerrang!’

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