Koloni 8/6 -->> ESSAIE PAS (Montreal) + MUNNEN (Sthlm)

 08 June
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 Christian Pallin
Koloni presenterar: ESSAIE PAS (Montreal) - > http://essaiepas.com/ MUNNEN (Stockholm) - > http://munnen.tumblr.com/ Datum: 8e juni Stad: Göteborg info plats, tid och pris info kommer snart ESSAIE PAS Essaie Pas is a Montreal duo of poet and musician Marie Davidson and self-taught musician and sound engineer Pierre Guerineau. Davidson, known for her critically acclaimed eponym solo project (Holodeck and Weyrd Son Rec.) also worked in bands such as Les Momies de Palerme (Constellation Rec.) and DKMD (Fur Trade Rec.). Guerineau is best known for his studio productions (e.g. Dirty Beaches, Femminelli, Low Factor) and his remixes (Factory Floor, DFA Records). They were both active in the La Brique art collective before forming Essaie Pas in 2010. Essaie Pas musical language creates an ominous aural landscape of cinematic quality, intertwined with throbbing beats and feverish guitar. This darkly atmospheric and sexy electro blues is enthroned by Marie Davidsons sultry yet eerie vocals. The poetic lyrics, alternating between French and English explore desire and despair, hidden fantasies, mind wanderings and contradictions. Their sound revolves Film Soundtracks, Electronic Body music, Mutant Disco, Cold Wave and Minimal techno in a David Lynch Ambience. Often reinventing their own songs and integrating improvisation, with a beautiful complicity and a magnetic presence on stage, they make every show a unique and fascinating experience. "'Retox', like your latent drug use, is a guilty-yet-necessary indulgence into the underground, into the dark depths of romance. The juxtaposition of the seductively spoken vocals and chloroform driving beat evoke the feeling of getting away with something you're not supposed to get away with. Fortunately, 'Retox' is a fitting substitution for that feeling.” - Impose Magazine "Her inclination certainly suits the disorienting qualities of the song: the alien-sounding electronics, Davidson’s spoken-word French vocals — eerie and assertive like she’s reading an incantation — and the sort of slowly creeping tension that makes it feel like the soundtrack of an unnerving avant-garde film." -The FADER http://essaiepas.com https://soundcloud.com/essaiepas https://vimeo.com/47146185 ///////////////////////////////////////////////// MUNNEN Munnen’s sound could be described as distorted, dissonant rhythmic punk, with dented beats and lyrics in Swedish. They are based in Stockholm and work in an environment where cassettes, internet, self-made videos, fanzines and blogs melt together into a subculture within the margins. Munnen is a rare example of a band capable of wearing their fine influences in such style without seeming as if they are ripping them off. Pere Ubu, Fire Engines, The Pop Group and Bob Hund have all been mentioned at Munnen gigs but none seem to pin down the overall sound they make, which changes wildly from song to song. Munnen played dozens of shows in Sweden and pushed on to areas such as Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland playing festivals, bookstores, spontaneous, self-organized outdoor concerts and abandoned office spaces. They joined Iceage on a Scandinavian tour and they have played together a bunch of times since whilst also playing with bands such as Cave, Thulebasen, Ikons and Lust for Youth. http://munnen.tumblr.com/ http://munnen.bandcamp.com https://soundcloud.com/munnen https://www.facebook.com/munnen.munnen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RADr487R5YY ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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