KizzAfro Planet: Three Elements…(2015)

 12 June
 Moscow, Russia
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 Nadin Kuzmina
***KIZZAFRO*** IN YOUR HEART BEAT Moscow, June 11-14, 2015 THREE days of master-classes! 8 parties!!! A real immersion and escape from reality!!! *** Excursions program *** Kizomba, Tarraxinha , Semba, Kuduro, AfroHouse, Mapouka workshops *** Special course “Advanced level” *** Special course “Kuduro&Afro-house” (Kuduro old school, Kuduro New school, Afro-house – made in Angola) *** BootCamp by Albir&Carola - Kizomba/Hip-Hop *** BootCamp by Afrolatin Connection - Semba/AfroHouse *** BootCamp by Sara Lopez - Ladies' Styling *** Lecture course “Back to the roots” *** Lecture course “It’s all about … the MUSIC *** Days of African cinema about kizomba *** “The Kissing festival” flashmob *** Kuduro-battle *** KizzAfro 2015 Wedding *** Voting for “KizzAfro 2015 King and Queen” *** Festival of colors *** “Can YOU do that?” video contest *** National qualifying competition AfricAdanҫar *** Dreams on the Water And much, much more! All of this will be in the in the open air on the ground burning hot by the passionate dances! ********************************** Welcome the instructors: Tony Pirata & Sophie Fox Mister Tecas & Miss JO Mandela & Lisa Albir & Carola Ricardo & Paula (Afrolatin Connection) Bruno & Melitta (Afrolatin Connection) Sara Lopez Enah Lebon & Carolina Eddy Vents Patrick DJ Snakes (Secret Team) Kristofer Mencák Dúnia Pacheco Na Passada and the list will be completed… *********************************** Inimitable deejays: DJ Tecas (France) DJ To'Costa (UK) DJ Snakes (France) DJ Mister Francois (UK) DJ Mega’N’Sheep (Belarus) and the list will be completed… **************************************

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