Kizomba Central @ Equilibrio !!!

 04 December
 Equilibrio Club 137 Stockwell Road
  - - London -
 Christian Jean-Francois
Kizomba Central @ Equilibrio !!!
KIZOMBA & SEMBA de RODA CLASSES Every FRIDAY ; EQUILIBRIO CLUB 139 Stocwell Road, Stockwell, London, SW9 9TN 8.30 pm KIZOMBA (Kizomba Central) 9.30 pm KIZOMBA (Christian Jean-Francois) 11.00 pm Club until 7.00am DJ's DJ Christiano In Rotation One Class £7 Two Classes £10 Club £5 OUT NOW !!! CHRISTIAN JEAN-FRANCOIS, from the French Caribbean, has had a long career in the music and dance industry having founded both the Latin Quarter and JFC Records/JFC Music. He teaches Salsa, Rueda de Casino, Kizomba and Semba de Roda. His popularity and innovative teaching methods were recognised as Christian is an Award winner ” Best Male Kizomba Teacher” 2011, Runner up ” Kizomba Teacher of the Year” 2014 with Air Europa Latin UK Awards (LUKAS). Christian has worked with the United Kingdom Alliance (UKA) to establish International standards for the teaching of Kizomba. This enables Instructors to become qualified and students to achieve medals for Kizomba dance providing both incentives and rewards at all levels of ability. Christian also holds an Adjudicator License with The British Dance Council. Semba de Roda is a new style of dancing. Christian is responsible for putting this style of dance together and has written the syllabus for Kizomba De Roda. Through the UKA, this syllabus is now being used to teach this new exciting dance worldwide. As well as teaching, Christian is also an accomplished dance performer having competed in both the South East Salsa Championships and the King & Queen of Salsa Competitions. In addition to teaching dance, Christian is also a sought after Salsa and Kizomba DJ featuring under the name DJ Christiano. Christian is the founder & Managing director of The Latin Quarter which includes The Latin Quarter Live, The Latin Quarter Dance School and is joint founder & Director of Kizomba Central The Latin Quarter Is the promotion company used to promote Christians owns club nights and other events. The Latin Quarter Live is Christian’s own dance company where he is responsible for the music and choreography and training The Latin Quarter Dance School consists of group of teachers, trained by Christian himself and are responsible for teaching 4 different dance styles, i.e. Kizomba, Salsa, Rueda de Casino and Semba De Roda. Kizomba Central is the promotion company used to promote Kizomba Events and Club Nights Latin Promoter: Christian is the founder of The Latin Quarter & joint founder of Kizomba Central which are event promoting companies and are currently promoting and running their own club nights, Equilibrio, The Beckenham, and The Famous Three Kings He also works in association with other events where he promotes and also teaches with his own trained group of teachers. These include, Sabor, Gem Bar, El Grande, Scalalatina, Renaissance and more… Christian is also one of the main organisers for the UK Dance Congress 2015 International Workshops & Public Performances: Christian is known all over the World and has been involved in many congresses and festivals worldwide where he has taught and performed. These include Estonia Tallinn Salsa Congress, Malta Salsa Congress, Austria Vienna Sexy & Sensual Latin Festival, Afro Cuban Salsa Festival Norfolk, Frankfurt Salsa Festival to name a few. Videos: Christian’s DVDs: Kizomba Act 1 – Beginners to Improver Kizomba Act 2 – Intermediate level Are two of the world’s bestselling Kizomba Tutorials which resulted in a full page write up in the Multimedia review section in Dance Today magazine. These bestselling DVD’s are also found in the top two selling spots on Amazon worldwide. Workshop: Web-site: Current Activities: - Founder & Managing director of The Latin Quarter which includes The Latin Quarter Live, The Latin Quarter Dance School - The joint founder & director of Kizomba Central - Member of the UKA ,ELCDA and the BRITISH DANCE COUNCIL - Organisers for the UK Dance Congress 2015

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 08 December, Thursday