Kingsland Basin Division 4 Slalom, 16th May 2015

 16 May
 Laburnum Boat Club, Kingsland Basin, N1 5BB.
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 The Sharks
Taking place on the Saturday 16th May, 10am is the Kingsland Basin Division 4 Slalom event on the Regents Canal at Laburnum Boat Club (London). This a fun event, perfect for those new to slalom, as it offers a great opportunity to paddle and have lots of fun on flat water; weaving in and out of numbered gates. As well as a great opportunity for those wanting an early promotion into division 3! Which opens up so many more canoe slalom trips all across the UK! Free practise is available from 10am, with the race starting at 11:30am. Ideally paddlers should arrive at 10am, if not a tad before in order to practise and get ready for the event. There are changing rooms and toilets available at the event, as well a Team room, with a Lunch break starting straight after your race! Seconds: 2pm. There will be prizes for all classes and age groups, we encourage everyone to give C1’s, C2’s and K1’s a try! They are absolutely fun, and great to paddle! As well as offering more prizes to be won! There will be plenty of kayaks and canoes to borrow, as well paddles, helmets, and BA’s – so don’t worry about not having paddling kit, just get yourself down there with a change of clothes and something to paddle in! We will be taking a cars if anyone needs a lift, but parking can be an issue. Anyone going by public transport: Nearest station is Haggerston Overground, which is a 2minute walk away. Old Streat and Liverpool train station are next nearest, which are short bus ride away. Address is: Kingsland Basin, Laburnum Boat Club, N1 5BB – Regents Canal. Street map: Entries are: Senior (over 18) = £7.25, Junior (under 18) = £5.00. Multi-class entries: A discount of £3 will be offered for second and subsequent individual entries by the same competitor (only 1 competitor of a C2 crew can claim discount for their individual event). Those new to slalom: Slalom is a great fun, Olympic discipline. Starting on flat water (Division 4) to slowly moving waters (Division 3) to rapids (Division 2) and much bigger rivers (Division 1/Prem). It involves weaving in and out of number ordered gates; some red, some green. Green gates are downstream gates, whilst red are up stream, which means; you have to paddle through them the other side (this labelled). If you hit you get a 2 second penalty, and if you miss a gate or travel through the wrong side you get a 50second penalty. But don’t worry about hitting gates for the moment! It’s just about having fun, and practising! We have slalom sessions at Harefield every Monday, if you would like to practise prior to the event. For more information please visit: Please do let us know if you would like to attend this event! It really is a good fun event, suitable for all! Contact us at: or on 07951 770241.

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