King Lear

 06 June
 The Palisades Presbyterian Church
 117 Washington Spring Rd - 10964 - Palisades - United States
 The Strange Bedfellows
The Strange Bedfellows present Shakespeare's great tragedy of a king who gives away everything he owns and finally comes to understand his heart. King Lear is tired of ruling so he divides up his kingdom to give to his 3 daughters. But first they must tell him how much they love him. When his ears can't distinguish lies from truth and his ego makes him banish his dearest supporters, he descends into madness. As he journeys through the darkness he finally learns wisdom from a blind friend, a fool and a madman. CAST: King Lear Andrew Greenway Goneril Erin deWard Regan Buffy Cardoza Cordelia Meagan Brianna Fool Meg C Sewell Rosen Cornwall Stavros Adamides Albany Daniel Hanchrow Kent Alex Gadd Gloucester Roger Buck Edgar Michael Stern Edmund John Carey Oswald Jill Wecht Thomas Travers James Sarna King of France Dakota Griffin Green Curan / Doctor Dave Green Francis / Gentlewoman Holly Macklay Burgundy / Herald Connor Vazquez Gloucester's Tenant Cristina Biaggi Knights / Crew Nina Carbone , Livy Bartels

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