24 May
 The Kessel Run Cards, Comics and Games
 2803 St. Joseph Blvd - K1C 1G6 - Ottawa - Canada
 Garrett Lowe
Registration: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM First Round: 1:00 PM Registration Fee: $10 Format: 100 Point Squad Prizes: 1st Place - TIE Fighter Pewter Medal 1st-4th Place - Choice of Acrylic Range Ruler or Alt-art Tycho Celchu Promo Card 4th-8th place - TIE Fighter Dice Bag Participation - Alt-art "Push the Limit" Promo Card # of Rounds: up to 8 players - 3 Rounds 9+ players - 4 Rounds Each player to bring 100 point squad, dice, templates, damage decks, etc., etc. Official 27/03/15 FFG tournament rules in effect. Everyone remember to bring 3 UNIQUE obstacles (either core set asteroids or debris fields from the Decimator and/or Outrider expansions). For specific details regarding the FAQ, check the FFG website. FLY CASUAL!

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