Kent Hovind & Paul Hansen RETRIAL

 18 May
 Pensacola, FL, United States
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 Gea Ambrosia
RETRIAL SET FOR MAY 18 2015 THE VERDICT IS IN! ATTEND SENTENCING JUNE 12 2015 IN PENSACOLA! ErnIe Land says: All the naysayers can get set for round 2 or Kent is going to go free. The 1 charge they found him guilty on was for the 2007 injunction in which he was not personally named, so there is no "fact of law" to support the charge. Option 1 is the Judge sets the verdict aside or option 2 the appellant court orders her to do so. Now will the Prosecutor seat a new jury and try again on the other FLIMSY charges. Maybe, but her strategy of throwing 4 days of the most flimsy testimony and evidence by all the expert witnesses stating what was obvious did what she hoped. It confused the jury and they came in hung. It did not accomplish her wish of establishing credibility for the Government in what she hoped would bring in a guilty verdict because the big, bad Government couldn't be wrong. Next time around, if it happens she will have to try the case on real facts of law and she knows she really has no case there. So will the Government spend another 1/2 million dollars on yet another case of overreach? For those naysayers out there so dumb to hope that happens it only proves it is persecution. They already have everything Kent has or will ever earn in life here, and they are willing to spend more of your tax dollars on something they will never recover any funds for. It's just dumb, but hey it does show they have the power over the people. The U.S. Constitution has been trampled on in Federal Court, and they call it archaic. Ernie Land Eric Hovind I thought I posted this a few hours ago but there was a problem with the link. For those who are interested, here are the trial results for Dr. Hovind. This morning at 10:30 the Jury concluded their deliberation. Around 11:15 the verdict was read before the court. Four counts were brought against Kent Hovind. Three counts of Mail Fraud and one count of Criminal Contempt of Court. #1 Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud - Unable to come to a verdict #2 Mail Fraud - Unable to come to a verdict #3 Criminal Contempt of Court - Guilty #4 Mail Fraud - Unable to come to a verdict The Criminal Contempt of Court count contained two different charges. One charge was from a 2012 order and the other from a 2007 ruling from Judge Rodgers. Kent was not found guilty on the 2012 charge but was found guilty on the 2007 charge. This count was from the original 2007 case when Judge Rodgers forfeited Kent Hovind's interest in the property. The order did not restrict Kent from presenting filings to question this decision; therefore, Kent's attorney asked the Judge to rule that there were not enough facts presented to the jury to find Kent guilty of that verdict. The Judge said that she would take that under advisement. Thomas Keith, Kent's attorney said that in a Federal Case it is rare to see anything other than a guilty verdict. While he would still like the Judge to find that there was not enough evidence presented on the Contempt of Court charge and overturn the verdict, this is considered a huge success. On the one guilty charge, if Judge Rodgers does not overturn it, there is no limit to the penalty that she can impose. Please pray that she would show leniency during the sentencing. Sentencing is scheduled for June 12, 2015. OFFICIAL HOVINDICATION CAMPAIGN SITE OFFICIAL KENT HOVIND Peace be with you, Brothers and Sisters! Wear your We Demand Hovindication gear, Bring ur FREE KENT/ FREE PAUL signs, bring ur church, ur friends/family and lets PRAY! We will fill the Courtyard with THE HOLY SPIRIT! We will all meet in front of the Courthouse Main Entrance. Let's shine the light and make some noise :) FREE KENT/ FREE PAUL PRAYER RALLY PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY ONLY! March 02 2015-March 13 2015 Trial May 18 2015 8AM Retrial June 12 2015 8AM Sentencing United States Courthouse One North Palafox St. Pensacola, Florida 32502 PLEASE, CONTACT THE MEDIA, SIGN THE PETITION, CONTACT THE BOP, CONTACT CONGRESS! Remember, Jesus only had 12 Disciples! The Power is not in our numbers.. its in The Holy Spirit <3 Club Creation #FreeKentHovind I regret to be the one to inform you, but they came to Kent with another indictment, this time for mail fraud. It is getting beyond ridiculous to absurd. I think the statue of limitation is 5 years, but this judge is so set against Kent she does not follow the law at all. In fact I heard she chastised the Attorney for bringing up the fact of law that it was beyond the statue of limitations and dismissed it as a technicality. A technicality, as in the first case like the government is above the law and doesn’t have to abide by the law. She needs to be impeached and disbarred.. but no one will take a stand against these atrocities’. -Ernest Land Advocate PLEA: Not Guilty Count(s) ALL SHOW YOUR SUPPORT TODAY! OFFICIAL KENT HOVIND SITE SIGN THE PETITION TODAY!

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