Keen Grants trip to the Emerald Isle

 30 May
 Dublin, Ireland
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 Niall Fagan
Don't pay too much attention to the date, this is provisional to check numbers then we can try to accommodate the majority with the date I am writing on behalf of keen Grant himself so I must emulate his style as closely as possible, "Dear Plebs that do not eat fig roll flavoured bruschetta, Potentially arranging a trip to Dublin for between end of exams and graduation. Arranging matches against the universities in and around Dublin using my vast network of high profile best friends (something only KG would dare say). This would provide the opportunity for (I believe) free rounds of golf at Portmarnock more than once, Royal Dublin and hopefully a few others. I think the best option would be to stay in the International Hostel in Dublin and drive out to the courses. Its of good quality, really cheap and the location is "exquisite". Obviously going out pretty much every night is on the cards to sample the nightlife. Very cheap but great trip, Would anybody be interested? There would be a limit on the number of people going but KG can confirm later. Kind Regards Keen Grant For the record, if embarrassingly nobody replies or wants to go, it's all on KG

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