KCC 2015 Hemp Freedom Tour

 16 May
 Lancaster, West Chester, Wilkes Barre, Doylestown, Allentown, York, Reading, Harrisburg
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 Pennsylvania Hempland Security
This page will be the main page for all of our events for the 2015 season. Each event will have its own events page as well but this will keep everyone updated on all upcoming events. The Hemp Freedom tour will kick off in Lancaster on May 16th! ATTENTION PEOPLE OF PENNSYLVANIA: KEYSTONE CANNABIS COALITION ANNOUNCES THE 2015 HEMP FREEDOM TOUR! We will rally for cannabis and hemp reform across Pennsylvania this spring and summer and into the fall. We will kick things off in Lancaster on May 16 followed by Wilkes Barre on June 13 and West Chester on July11. In August we will rally in Berks County and we will rally in York shortly after. We also intend to rally in Doylestown, Bucks County and Allentown or Bethlehem. When the tour is over we may culminate with a big rally in the capitol in Harrisburg. What we are fighting for: Medical cannabis - There is a good possibility that by the time we get into rally season an expanded version of SB 3 will pass the state senate and may be passed and signed into law by June. If that is the case then we will support the quickest implementation of the law as possible. If it has not been passed then we will express our support loudly and forcefully. Industrial Hemp - Pennsylvania has a long history of hemp production. For the first 160 years nearly every farmer in the state grew hemp and some grew it for another century, into the 1940’s. Now Senate Bill 50 introduced by state senator Judy Schwank will bring back hemp production to the state. Another bill soon to be introduced into the Pa. state house of representatives will also bring back hemp. The current Pa. Secretary of Agriculture, Russell Redding, is a strong supporter of hemp and it is also supported by the Pa. Farm Bureau, Pa. State Grange and the Pa. Farmers Union as well as hundreds of farmers who are anxious to grow hemp and industry ready to go. We stand in support of SB 50 and soon to be introduced hemp legislation in house of representatives as well. Decriminalization of Cannabis - Philadelphia has it right. With decriminalization introduced by councilman Jim Kenney and signed into law by Mayor Nutter, possession of up to one ounce of cannabis is a summary offense and a $25 fine. Smoking cannabis in public is a $100 fine. It is time for Lancaster, York, Reading, Scranton, Wilkes Barre, Allentown, Bethlehem, West Chester, Chester, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and every other city in Pennsylvania to adopt similar measures. Governor Wolf supports statewide decriminalization and the majority of Pennsylvanians agree. We will demonstrate that support. Ending the War - Decriminalization is not perfect. We view decriminalization as a temporary truce in the war while we figure out the best way to tax and regulate the industry. For the first time, Quinnipiac University has released a poll showing that 51% of Pennsylvanians support full legalization of cannabis! Full legalization of cannabis is inevitable. All of America is moving in that direction and at this point it seems all but inevitable that change is coming. Pennsylvania legislators might not be ready to tackle the issue, but Pa. is! We will keep that conversation alive while we work for the goals that most agree on and can actually be achieved in the near term. Tell everyone you know that the 2015 PENNSYLVANIA HEMP FREEDOM TOUR IS ROLLING ACROSS PA.! Let it be known that CHANGE IS COMING TO PENNSYLVANIA!

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