Karim Nagi Workshops and Show May 15th-17th

 16 May
 Studio 2@Zoomtopia
 810 SE Belmont Studio #2 - 97214 - Portland - United States
 Violetta Tara Camarillo
Registration is open!! Fellow dancers. I am proud to announce that Karim Nagi will be in Portland teaching four workshops May 16th & May 17th 2015. Along with 8 hours of workshops he will be performing in an evening show Friday the 15th of May. BIO:Karim Nagi is a native Egyptian drummer, DJ, composer and folk dancer. He is the creator of Turbo Tabla, and has released four internationally distributed CDs of this unique brand of Arab House/Electronica using acoustic instruments. Karim has authored instructional DVDs for the Tabla/Doumbek, Riqq tambourine, Maqam & Taqsim, Drum Solo for Dance, and Arab Folk Dance. He is well versed in the ultra-traditional styles of music, and has lead the Sharq Arabic Music Ensemble since 1999. He promotes and fosters the study of Arab dance in the USA as the director of the Arab Dance Seminar. Karim performs and teaches Tahteeb Cane Dance, Dabka Line Dance, and Zikr Sufi Dance. He taught at the New England Conservatory of Music for 5 years, and has lectured and presented at Harvard, MIT, Yale, Bowdoin, Princeton, Stanford, William & Mary, Georgetown, and several Community Colleges. Additionally, Karim Nagi's Arabiqa program has conducted over 300 school assemblies across America, exposing young audiences to Arab traditional arts. His performances boast a dynamic concoction of live drumming and dance, done in unison. Because of his proficiency in both music and dance, his workshops deliver students to a new physical understanding of the connection between these two disciplines. As a dance and drum teacher, Karim has taught in dozens of festivals in the United States, Asia, Europe and Cairo, as well as all major Arab Culture festivals in the USA. Karim Nagi is a true crossover artist, uniting the Cabaret and Tribal, Traditional and the Modern, the Ethnic and the Urban. I have had the pleasure of studying with Karim, a multifaceted performer and profound teacher, on multiple occasions. Karim is an ambassador for Arab performance art and has perfected his own teaching method that relates so clearly to American audiences.I deeply admire his dedication to his legacy and art, and am thrilled he is available to teach and perform here in Portland. If you have ever had the chance to study with Karim then you understand my enthusiasm, and if you have not now is your chance. Come study with Karim in May! SHOW: FRIDAY 8pm An evening of Arab music and dance featuring Karim Nagi. $20 in advance $25 at the door Purchase tickets at www.albertarosetheatre.com WORKSHOPS: SATURDAY 11am-1pm -Saidi Tahteeb & Assaya: Dancing with sticks and canes is a quintessential expression in Egyptian village dance. The southern half of Egypt, know as Upper Egypt due to its higher altitude, is called "al-Sa'id" in Arabic (pronounced iSa-yeed)". The Saidi people are famous for this semi-acrobatic stick dance called "Tahteeb" for men and "Raqs Assaya" for women. It is essentially a form of martial art where the manipulation of the stick and the demeanor of movement replicated village life or battle scene. The main motions with the stick include spinning, twirling, rowing, flipping and striking. Often two dancers will enact a friendly battle with synchronized sparing and coordinated strikes. But the essence of the Saidi dance is in its demeanor. The body moves heavily and confidently with a subtle pulse. Grace is more valued than aggression. This dance is done solo or in groups where the sticks are operated in unison, and men and/or women play together. Karim teaches with the strait cane (any dowel between 3' and 4') and covers all the basic spins, flips and strikes. He stresses ambidextrous technique and utilizes both hands for the entire lesson. Double Cane is also demonstrated. The class culminates in a short choreography. -Maqam and Taqasim For Dancers: 2pm-4pm Maqam is the Arabic system of scales and melody creation. All songs, weather classical, pop or dance, are created in a Maqam, which dictates whether the song is happy, somber, uplifting, spiritual or sensual. We align notes in the scale with specific body isolations, allowing them to follow a maqam by using her dance vocabulary. Dancers will learn how to recognize, sing and move to maqams by learning famous song examples. Special attention will be given to Taqsim, the art of instrumental solo improvisation. The dancer will practice interpreting the instrumental music into movement and personifying the mood of the music. This workshop is vital for dancers who wish to better interpret melody into movement. SUNDAY 12pm-2pm -Live drum solos for dancers (movement class) Some dancers fear it ! Some overuse it ! Yet everyone adores a solo where the rhythmic drums and the accurate body lock together. Melodic songs are lyrical and eloquent. But drum songs are percussive and articulate. Fact: drum solos in the Egyptian, Arabic, or Cabaret style are systematic. There have predictable themes. Each is like a variation on a famous story, retold with new voices and with different accents. Karim is a drummer and a dancer, so he knows what both creatures need in order to breed together. He will teach the iconic Hagalla sequence, the shimmy-to-roll-relation, dum hips & tak shoulders, signaling, Masmudi's many Dums, Wahda Kabira to Fallahi. Ayoub's momentary Zaar, and how to 'Finale' together, benevolently! After this class transforms you, a deaf man will be able to hear the drums by watching your body. This class uses exclusively LIVE drumming, and teaches the dancer how understand and communicate with the drummer, what to expect, and how to be ready for improvisation. -Survey of Arab music for dancers (LECTURE) 3pm-5pm Although music exists without dance, dance rarely exists without music. Arab culture has a strong dance tradition with specific music that propels it. Students will study the relationship between music and the movement it creates or accompanies. The context, storylines and themes of each song will be explained. Overviews and recording samples will be given in the categories of Performance (Stage Dabka and Raqs Sharqi), Ritual (Zikr, Zaar, Sama/Whirling), and Social Dance (Dabka and Raqs Baladi). Karim will also demonstrate the intimate connection between rhythm and movement in the Performance category, with live examples. PURCHASE TICKETS THROUGH MY WEBSITE http://www.violettabellydance.com/ $80 per workshop

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