13 June
 Southern Fukui
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 Vincent Emmanuel Garcia
COME JOIN the 13 year anniversary of our FJET tradition KAR RALLY...the biggest FJET event and AFTER PARTY!!! Our theme this year is SUPERHEROES (and VILLAINS)! Open to non-ALTs and non-Fukui ALTs ----- Event Details Theme: Superheroes (and Villains) Date: June 13 Start Time: 9 AM Meeting place: Tsuruga (more specific location to come) Finish Time: 6 PM After Party Meeting Place: Natasho Camp Ground ----- WHAT is Kar Rally? - A chance for you northerners to enjoy a fun themed Scavenger Hunt while experiencing the beautiful sights of Southern Fukui from the beautiful mountains of Tsuruga down to the beautiful beaches of Takahama. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjzubmrLPkw&feature=youtu.be HOW do I Kar Rally? 1. Make a team of legal car size (so if your car can only hold 2 people, have ONLY 2 people!) 2. Wear a costume (you and your team get to decide who or what you are. Be as elaborate or as simple as you want) 3. Get a mascot (mascots will be donated to orphanages. Think of the children!) 4. Complete challenges at checkpoints, take photos, do trivia, and earn points WHAT is this AFTER PARTY you speak of? 1. After Kar Rally everyone meets at Natasho Camp Ground which is in a forest in the middle of nowhere. 2. Dinner is served and people drink copious amount of libations (BYOB) 3. We count up the teams points and give out prizes and watch a fun slideshow of everyone's pictures. 4. Crazy party time ensues 5. You are permitted to stay the night in one of the bungalows (see costs below) ------ (Current estimated) Cost: Just the Rally: 2000 per person Rally and party (BYOB): 2500 pp Rally, party and staying the night (plus breakfast): 5000 pp ----- HOW to SIGN UP EMAIL US @ fjetsouthernrep@gmail.com 1. Team name 2. Names and phone numbers of your members (don't want you getting lost) 3. Who in your team is staying for the party? 4. Who in your team is staying for the party and overnight (we need to know how many cabins to get)? 5. What dietary restrictions, if any, do your teammates have? DEADLINE for teams MAY 31st

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