Kalae Kaina & Tara Bowman, Tribal Fest workshop: Living in Synch

 17 May
 Sebastopol, CA, United States
  - 95472-95473 - -
 Kalae Kaina
Dissecting Synchrony, Living in Synch 2:30pm-4:30pm Ever notice how some groups are so in synch? Is it just more practice? Practice makes perfect, right? Practice is essential, but there is a whole other level of attention to detail that can help you and your group get to where you want to be. Class will start with a solid warm up and good stretch before we get to work. We will dissect different arm patterns, spins, layering, and combinations while expanding your focus to look out for technical elements that can take your dance closer to harmonious synchrony. Learn the marking techniques that Shakti Dance Movement incorporates into their practice and choreography to maximize synchronization. Bring a note pad, pen and plenty of water.

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