June Meditation & Pranayama w/Laura Henderson

 07 June
 Invoke Studio
 970 Fort Wayne Ave - 46202 - Indianapolis - United States
 Growing Places Indy
Join Laura Henderson for her first class back from maternity leave! This will be a class of simple summer meditations and pranayama techniques for keeping cool in the summer heat. All donations go directly to Growing Places Indy's Eat Well Initiative. This initiative matches SNAP (formerly food stamp) benefits dollar for dollar, up to $20/week at the Indy Winter Farmers Market. Learn more at www.growingplacesindy.org. This class is designed for anyone who is interested in learning meditation and pranayama (yogic breathing). Pranayama is the core link of all yogic practice (joining the mind, body, and spirit) and there are many different types. In each session, you'll learn different types of breathing techniques, each specifically designed to enhance a quality of energy in the body. Some energize, some calm, some equalize. Some sessions may focus on enhancing one quality of energy, while others may explore using pranayama to move our energy from one quality to another. You may find you are able to take these breathing techniques into your yoga classes and even into your life off the mat. The class also explores techniques for meditation. Meditation is a very meaningful way to help us learn how to relax, focus our minds, and simply be more present in today's hectic world. Meditation also helps us to develop mental strength and focus, even in the face of challenges. In each session, you’ll learn a different meditation technique such as; guided imagery, metta, sound, candle gazing, walking, and breath work to name a few. This class is perfect for beginners and established practitioners alike. No need to sign up before hand. Please show up a few minutes early. Donations will be collected in the class. Suggested donation is $5.

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