June 6th Normandy Re-enactment Big Lake MN

 06 June
 22615 Co Rd 75 Big Lake MN 55309
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 Travis Jacobsen
June 5th-6th Immersion style event, with some planned fullscale battles. Both side will have objectives to attain throughout the day. Come spend the night in foxholes for the night battles... Or on guard duty around the billets for the German occupation forces in France... Participants may be any Allied Units or Waffen-SS & Heer units used in NW France during June- July 1944. This is a Non HRS event. Thunder B Grenades used in airsoft games will be used. Replica Panerfausts or Bazookas that shoot foam rockets or Nerf type "ordinance" are allowed to be used. The property is 100 acres in size and has 1200 feet of trenches and 3 buildings a 16x20 Barn, a 20x24 Tavern, and a 14x 22 House. The Barn is 2 story and the other buildings are 3 stories. There are trails thru out the property, and vehicle friendly. In Dec 50 people came out for my Battle of the Bulge Event.

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