June 6th Bourbon PArty

 06 June
 Lafayette Hill, PA, United States
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 Philadelphia Bourbon Enthusiasts of Pennsylvania of America
D-Day Bourbon Day, a Bourbon solute to the Service men and women Dear Current & Future Presidents of the Philadelphia Bourbon Enthusiasts of Pennsylvania of America (PBEPaA), Our critics might say that we are nothing more than a drinking club. We embrace such criticism - not only because it is essentially irrefutable, but also because it represents organizational growth. It is a little known fact that when the PBEPaA was founded, Goal #2 of the marketing plan developed by the Unilateral Committee was to "Obtain critics, thereby demonstrating public recognition" (PBEPaA, Unilateral Committee Marketing Plan, 2012). Objective achieved. We can now refocus our attention on the PBEPaA's most important initiative - highlighting the triumphs and complexities of the original American spirit: bourbon. To this end, I am delighted to announce the next PBEPaA event: D-Day B-Day: A Celebration of History & Bourbon Saturday, June 6, 2015 Email: jamesgmclaughlin@gmail.com for futher details and address. Call Brian kovacs908-295-3732 if you need to talk about it. A bottle of Bourbon for entry or a bottle of anythin to drink

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