Jumbo Charge @ Mt.Elgon National Park 2015

 29 May
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 Pambazuko Africa Safaris LTD
Greetings from Pambazuko Africa Safaris, Jumbo Charge is a social event organized by Bungoma County, 4x4 motor challenge geared towards wildlife conservation and in particular the Elephant (Jumbo) and Mt. Elgon Ecosystem as the habitat. The event through participation of individuals and corporates is aimed at heightening sensitization to the local communities and affected institutions on the importance of preserving the Elephant and the natural habitat around the mountain area. Activities will include. 1.4 X 4 motor challenge. 2.Camping. 3.Bird watching. 4.Game Drives. 5.Cross Border Excursions. 6.Elephant Tracking 7.Bouncing castles etc The Three day Jumbo Charge Challenge will be held withing the Mt.Elgon Park and conservancy from Friday 29th May to 1st June 2015. The primary objective of this challenge is to raise funds toward the conservation and management of the Mt.Elgon Eco-system and the conservation of the endangered Jumbo elephants within the Mt.Elgon National Park through public-private participation and cooperation of the global community. The Challenge will involve a motor-race through the parks' mountainous terrain providing motor sport enthusiasts and spectators an opportunity to have fun while at the same time raise funds for environmental and wildlife conservation. OUR PACKAGE: DAY ONE 29TH MAY:NAIROBI-BUNGOMA DAY TWO 30TH MAY:BUNGOMA FULL DAY DAY THREE 31ST MAY:BUNGOMA FULL DAY DAY FOUR 1ST JUNE:BUNGOMA NAIROBI TRANSPORT ONLY KSH 7,000/= MEALS AND ACCOMMODATION ONLY KSH 11,000/= FULL PACKAGE OF TRANSPORT,MEALS AND ACCOMMODATION KSHS 17,750/= PAYMENTS ARE DONE TO BANK: EQUITY BRANCH :NGARA ACCOUNT NAME:PAMBAZUKO AFRICA ACCOUNT N0: 0910262559755 BANK: FAMILY BRANCH :FINANCE ACCOUNT NAME:PAMBAZUKO AFRICA ACCOUNT N0: 018000061174 LIPA NA M-PESA PAY BILL NO: 861967 ACCOUNT NAME:PAMBAZUKO AFRICA Contact us: pambazukoafricasafaris@gmail.com +254202618232,+254724682771,+254710707738, +254723819547,+254722976697 or in Uganda +256777391219 OTHER PLACES OF INTEREST WHILE IN BUNGOMA COUNTY SANG'ALO HILLS: Sang'alo (Sang'alo) is a hill (class T - Hypsographic) in Western Province (Western), Kenya (Africa) with the region font code of Africa/Middle East. It is located at an elevation of 1,383 meters above sea level. A Hill is a rounded elevation of limited extent rising above the surrounding land with local relief of less than 300m. NABUYOLE FALLS One kilometer away from chetambes fort,along River Nzoia,you will find Nabuyole falls.Tourists troop here to watch the water cascade from a height of 7 meters to the rocks below MOUNT ELGON NATIONAL PARK: Mt. Elgon is located 420 kms from Nairobi. Access is via tarmac road to Kitale, branch to murram road then to the Chorlim Gate ACCESS Roads: Mt. Elgon is located 420 kms from Nairobi. Access is via tarmac road to Kitale, branch to murram road then to the Chorlim Gate Airstrips: There is one airstrip in the park PARK GATES Chorlim (main gate) Kassawai Kiptogot Kimothon SIZE / LOCATION 196 km2 On the western border of Kenya with Uganda, in Trans-nzoia District of Rift Valley Province CLIMATE The climate is moist to moderate dry. Annual rainfall is over 1,270mm SAFARI CARD REQUIRED? At present the park does not operate the Safari Card system. Entry is by cash only. MAJOR ATTRACTIONS Caves Salt Mining Elephants of Kitum Cave Spectacular Waterfall Game Viewing around the Mountain Birdwatching Viewing the mountain WILDLIFE Elephant, leopard, giant forest hog, bush buck, buffalo, duiker, black and white Columbus, blue monkeys and golden cat, among others. More than 240 bird species in the area, including the African crowned eagle, Ross’ turaco, and red-fronted parrot. BIRDS 340 bird species have been recorded, of which 230 are forest dependent, while 110 are forest specialist. KITUM CAVES: When the Kitum cave was first discovered the many marks, scratches and furrows along its walls were assumed to have been the work of picks wielded by ancient Egyptians searching for gold or diamonds. In fact, the excavated sections of the cave are the result of something altogether much stranger. The Kitum cave is found on Mount Elgon, an extinct shield volcano and the cave itself developed as the result of cooling volcanic rock. The cave which extends some 600 feet into the mountain has walls covered in salt, and it is here that the mysterious cave diggers reveal themselves. Each night for hundreds (possibly thousands) of years animals have traveled into the cave in the dead of night to use it as a giant salt lick. Buffaloes, antelope, leopards, hyenas, and most of all elephants bumble blindly through the cave (the elephants often bump their heads in the process) making their way to the salty walls of the cave. It is the elephants that have done the digging. Using their massive tusks they scrape the the salt, the elephants pull off chunks of the walls to crush and lick up the salt. Over the centuries this has resulted in a noticeable increase in the size of the cave and walls covered in tusk marks. The trip to the cave is not without dangers and there is a deep crevasse into which many younger, more inexperienced elephants have fallen leaving behind an elephant graveyard. The Kitum cave is more recently famous for a very different sort of lifeforms, a deadly virus. In 1980 and again in 1987 visitors to the cave contracted Marburg virus, a deadly virus very similar to Ebola. The cave and Marburg virus rose to notoriety when it was featured in bestseller "The Hot Zone." It is believed that the bats in the cave may carry the virus and that their powdered guano may act as the disease vector. KIPTORO CAVES, NGWARISHWA CAVES, MALAKISI FALLS, CHEPKITALE FOREST, KABUCHAI HILLS, http://www.bungomatourism.org/

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