21 November
 ALL SAINTS 122 OAKLEIGH RD NOTH - n20 9ez - Whetstone -
 Heather J Ross
LATIN DANCE lessons & Club N20 9EZ Runner up salsa school of year ~ healthy ~ keeps you fit ~ great place to meet old and new friends ~ good for the mind body and soul ~ FUN VIBRANT ENTHUSIASTIC FRIENDLY PROFESSIONAL and a great way to keep in new friends..maintain a healthy bank balance andMedically proven..Keeps you smarter! SALSATRICITY THURSDAYS & SATURDAYS plus workshops THURSDAYS 7.50-12.00 ADDING TO YOUR DANCE EXPERIENCE ✰✰ SALSA ON2✰✰ CHA CHA ✰✰ BACHATA ✰✰ MERENGUE ✰✰ SATURDAY SALSATRICITY 7.50-1.00 ✰✰ SALSA ✰✰ KIZOMBA ✰✰ BACHATA ✰✰ RUNNER UP TROPICAL DANCE SCHOOL OF THE YEAR SALSATRICITY remember its not how many moves you know its how you use them   USUALLY but no Kizomba separate room at CLUB DE HAV OR HW tennis club ♫♪♪ DJ in charge of the Kizomba Kalmm ♪♫ ♫♪♪ DJ in charge of the Salsa Storm ♪♪♫ From day1 we have always called Salsatricity a cocktail xx STYLING WORKSHOP JUNE 6th SALSATRICITY is not the VENUE...the teacher or the DJ.... teachers/DJs are rotated every week to give you different experiences...and may use different venues from time to time....but always with 2 venues...and WOODEN DANCE FLOORS...its the passion about the dance...different flavors of dance and recorded music...and you guys xxxx So happy xx the formula works..SALSATRICITY is RUNNER UP in SALSA SCHOOL OF THE YEAR

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