JP ~Forest of Truth~ Theatre Group GUMBO Hong Kong Tour

 29 May
 Fringe Club
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 Ryo Nishihara
Theatre Group GUMBO Hong Kong Tour JP ~Forest of Truth~ Dates: Fri 2015-05-29 8:00 PM - 1 h 20 m     Sat 2015-05-30 8:00 PM - 1 h 20 m Venue: Fringe Underground (Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong) TEL: +852 2521 7251 Tickets: $200; $160(M,S,SC,D) Bookings: HK Ticketing +852 31 288 288 This is fun with a Japanese flavor! Go taste it! -Adelaide Theatre Guide A comedy of crazy Japanese lovers influenced by their individual views on distorted love! In the "Forest of Truth", its residents are waiting to reveal the lies found in the human world. One day, a Man and a Woman step into the forest and immediately they fall in love. However, the residents of the forest then reveal the hidden aspects of their hearts. The couple who now know each other’s true reflections, lead this world to unexpected turns. We have Nature So, a young actress and dancer in Hong Kong, is performing with us this time. There are lots of dancing elements in "JP" and having Nature in our show is giving "JP" a new dynamic dimension. The boisterous (GUMBO) productions keep me thoroughly entertained with bold visuals, a played-up culture gap, and enthusiastic Japlish. JP is no different. -Festival Freak The hilariously distorted views of love, however, have an underlying message that will have you talking long after the performance. You’d be mad to miss it. -Rip it up magazine Everybody lies. People lie to be accepted, to be loved. That, was the message Theatre Group Gumbo was trying to deliver with JP. Asthmatics, you have all been warned. -TODAY For Art’s Sake! Written by: Theatre Group GUMBO Director: Kayo Tamura Casts: Kenichi Mabuchi, Kayo Tamura, Nature So, Hidefumi Oshiro, Ryo Nishihara, Nono Miyasaka Translator: Miki Hawkinson Music: Ian Kitney (Robot Turbo Marie) Action Director: Shuki Utsumi (B.E.A.T) Assistant Director: Nono Miyasaka Costume(The Queen): Hiroaki Mizuno (Λ-Sura)

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