Journey to Freedom: The Feminine Harmony; find balance and inner strength

 06 June
 Greenwich, London
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 Susannah Andrews
Be open to a few possibilities for you, see your inner wisdom; discover your true purpose; a group workshop where you feel supported, safe and can let go of negative patterns and past and presents obstacles. Feel yourself transform, open up and journey onto freedom. We will use the power of word, music, dance, yoga. The power of change will come to you as we explore through transformation therapy, transpersonal spiritual exercises. We will find tools to help us reconnect with ourselves, others who are close to us, find love and joy in life. More specifically and especially with issues of women's balance: soul/mind/body; sensuality versus sexuality; awakening and embodying the divine feminine. "As we desire to change our lives, the first step towards this is the recognition that our inner experience is often reflected in our external experience of life. Therefore, transformation occurs as we have the willingness to open the doorway within, and offer to the emptiness: the fullness of our own loving, bringing compassion to those places that we have learned to judge, and thereby give ourselves permission to receive and create a happier and more fulfilling life." £22 advance bookings only

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