Journey of Inversions-SPRINGHOUSE

 06 June
 Dana Hot Yoga
 244 Bala Ave, 2278 Mt Carmel, Glenside, 832 Bethlehem Pike Spring House - 19004 and 19038 - Spring House - United States
 Dana Hot Yoga
Join natalie Levin as you explore the seasonal energy of GEMINI as it relates to putting our heads below our hearts in upside-down poses. How can grounding DOWN into the EARTH give us the LIFT to burst into the AIR (Gemini is an Air sign) while working with inversions? We will intersperse exploration of Forearm Stand, Handstand and perhaps Headstand with flowing vinyasa sequences. After moving through the up and the down of working with opposing forces, we will land in a 20 minute seated guided meditation called Tonglen. Tibetan Buddhist nun Pema Chodron summarizes Tonglen practice with the following sentence: “Breathe in for all of us and breathe out for all of us.” In this workshop, you can expect opera, asana and glitter, among other things! This workshop is appropriate for all levels! INVESTMENT: $35

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 06 July, Thursday
 Spring House