Journey of Faith: Awaken The Shahadah Within

 24 May
 Assyakirin Mosque
  - 61 - Singapore - Singapore
 Institut Hadith & Dirasat Islamiah IHDI
Synopsis The Syahadah (Testimony of Faith) with regards to Allah's Rubbubiyah (Divine Lordship) has long been affirmed by each and every soul of sons of Adam as stated in Surah Al-A'raaf: 172 "Alastu biRabbikum (Am I not your Lord?)" Over time, this affirmation of syahadah may have been long forgotten; that is during the process where the soul unites with the body, then human beings are born into the world and mature into adults. Therefore Prophets and Messengers were sent to mankind with the duty to evoke people's memory to that affirmation as it still exists in their souls. However this affirmation is now obscured with negligence, hedonism, secularism, liberalism, materialism, nationalism etc. Even though one is already a Muslim, one's spirituality, intellect, emotions may still be influenced by elements that obscure one's syahadah to the point where confusion and doubt shape one's thinking and character. It is definitely challenging to fulfill all aspects of one's religious obligations, as a Muslim living in a secular country like Singapore. May Allah protect and bless us all. Every Muslim from all walks of life plays a part in recharging the Syahadah within themselves and awakening it from its slumber as well as rejuvenating it from its languished state. Like the saying of a Companion of Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h: “Ta’ala nu’min Saa’ah.. (Let us sit for a time [to renew and increase our] belief)”. In this seminar, the Syahadah that will be emphasised on is the fundamental syahadah which is: "Laa ilaaha illAllah" (There is no god worthy of worship except Allah). Part two of the Syahadah "Muhammad Rasulullah s.a.w" (Muhammad is the messenger of Allah p.b.u.h) will be covered in the next seminar which will be held this August. Objectives i. Remind about the Syahadah (Testimony of Faith) with regards to Allah’s Lordship ii. Revive the meaning of Syahadah “Laa ilaaha illAllah” within ourselves iii. Introduce pillars & conditions of Syahadah iv. Protect the Syahadah from elements of disbelief and disobedience

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