Joseph Stiglitz on the Great Divide

 20 May
 Royal Geographical Society
 1 Kensington Gore - SW7 2AR - London - United Kingdom
 Intelligence Squared
‘Stiglitz is a rare combination of virtuoso economist, witty polemicist and public intellectual’ – New Statesman ‘An insanely great economist’ – Paul Krugman, The New York Times Inequality is an increasing problem in the Western world, leaving everyone – the rich as well as the poor – worse off. The dream of a socially mobile society is becoming an ever more unachievable myth. That’s the view of Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, who comes to the Intelligence Squared stage for a rare London appearance on May 20th. Stiglitz will argue that inequality is not inevitable but a choice – the cumulative result of unjust policies and misguided priorities. Stiglitz will expose the neoliberal policies, such as deregulation and tax cuts for the rich, which he claims are causing many people to fall further and further behind. He will propose real solutions: increasing taxes on corporations and the wealthy; helping homeowners instead of banks; investing in education, science, and infrastructure; and, most importantly, doing more to restore full employment. Stiglitz will draw lessons from America – the inequality leader of the developed world – as well as Scandinavia, Singapore, and Japan. And he will argue against what he sees as the tide of unnecessary,destructive austerity that is sweeping across Europe. While many believe we are faced with a choice between growth and fairness, Stiglitz believes that with the right policies, we can have both. Join us at the Royal Geographical Society and hear one of the most acclaimed and influential economists of our times.

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