Jono-Bono Heyes/Mama Yeva /Loca tangata, The Off Road, Home Concert, European Album Release Tour 2015>

 21 May
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Monkey Records Berlin/NZ present European Album Release Tour 2015> JONO BONO HEYES & THE MAMA YEVA (Aotearoa/New Zealand) + LOCA TANGATA (Paris, France) KIA ORA, greetings beautiful Social Media family Europe, its an exciting moment for me with Debut Album 'le fisherboy' released on world charts in europe with Monkey Records Berlin. We have a unique proposal for music lovers, as musicians we are looking at finding a new a more humane way to share our art and have a PLAN We want to come and meet the people and share our gift in their homes and their villages, on their mountain tops, their city squats and wherever! So we are bringing with us our own little stage and sound system to perform beautiful live world music performance with inspiration from the whole planet with arabic/african/latin/gipsy jazz influences. Do have read our bio's and follow the links to our homepages for label+ youtube here... We will also be touring and making some events with the amazing french gipsy jazz swinging group led by Jean Ichter called Loca tangata. I met monsieur Jean here in New Zealand who ended up couch surfing with me for a couple of weeks and played an amazing summer festival performance with us at luminate festival, wow.... < YOUR HELP>So if you have a house, a garage, a field, a mountain top or anywhere where you think we can make an amazing event please let us know. < EXCHANGE>In exchange we would like accomodation+ help to sell tickets+ promote the event, , to come and stay with you for a few days and meet your family+friends, to have a down to earth, off the earth human experience, which is worth billions of dollars. Also we operate on a concept called 'koha' from the maori of New Zealand/Aotearoa which means to give from the heart what you can. to help us on our merry way. We will travel with albums to sell and other creative gifts, so we welcome you funky humans to support our project by buying and donating. I really look forward to creating with you something magical and timeless CONTACT;

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