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 30 May
 Online Community
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 Kate Shanti Grafton
Dear Ecstatic Dancers and Teachers Join the online community..... Meet Up: We would love you to join our meetup where we intend to get all the classes across the UK posted, for everyone to be able to access the amazing Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ Method Facebook: Rebecca and I have made a slight change to this Facebook group recently, changing it from a teacher training group to an open group. We encourage you to share your EAD videos, music, learnings, classes and to add your friends to the group so that we can get this transformative process out transforming people’s lives. We encourage you to become an active member of the online community on Meetup & Facebook so we can support each other, share information, our journeys, and encourage new friends to join our ecstatic community. The Facebook teacher training page is still running, this is staying as a teacher training page, please like, share and support this page if you have not already. You can send me a friend request on Facebook if you are unsure and I can send you a page invite :) Kate Shanti Grafton Please invite your friends to this event :) I look forward to sharing with you online and in life <3 -- In Love, Truth and Wisdom Kate Shanti Grafton Assistant @ School of Ecstatic Movement Ecstatic Awakening Dance Teacher & Transformational Coach + 44 (0) 7572 316 123 Skype Shanti Kate 78

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