Joeganna Smithniva (Jazz)

 16 May
 Ma Thilda
 Wildenbruchstraße 68 - 12045 - Neukölln - Germany
 The Gumbo
Joeganna Smithniva What is Music? When does a sound become a musical piece or a part of it? Does any sound transmit a message per se or is its meaningfulness determined by conditions? What are those conditions? Ganna Gryniva and Joe Smith are searching for the answers to these questions in the context of their vocal and drum duo, creating unconventional and minimalistic music. Using and enjoying the freedom of the duo setting, they provoke and yet cling to each other in a musical dance that is choreographed in the moment. In „Joeganna Smithniva“ two sounds come together and become one piece of music. Joe Smith - drums, percussions Ganna Gryniva - vocals Kipp Jardin - projections and images

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