Jirisan National Park,Therapeutic Healing Hiking, Azalea And Herb Festival

 16 May
 Jirisan National Park
 경남 하동군 화개면 대성리 511-1 - - Hadong - South Korea
 Seoulhiking Warren Kim
Hapjeong/SinYongsan stn/Express bus terminal/Jukjeon/Cheonan(Manghyang)/Daejeon Pickup Hi~! all! We go hiking to Jirisan national park, this time to the largest and biggest Royal Azelea fields on top of Baraebong peak at 1,167m alititude ~! When we leave at Sat night as soon as we finish the work from the ordinary day, we can go without traffic jam to the unordinary and beautiful places~! Bus will take us to the (1,172 meter high), the 1st village under the sky. We wake up and walk out of bus to see stunning view of uncountable stars! We hike to the peak to wait for the sunrise, we can meditate, stretch, yoga ,or shut eyes while sun comes up and brighten the earth and wake the ground and mountains. We boil some water to make tea and breakfast. We hike couple of peaks to the azalea fields and finish hiking at the main festival area. There are 2 types of hiking. one is hiking for the sunrise ,4~5 hours or the other is just strawling as long as you want(1~2 hours) for the azelea blossoms to the peak from the festival area. If you missed the hike in Pink Azelea mountain before, please, don't miss one~! ------------------------- [♣ Azelea peak of Barae-bong] Jirisan is the No.1 National Park in Korea and has many peaks and one of the peaks, Baraebong(1,167M),it has tremendous Royal Azelea fields naturally just on top of mountain more than 1,100m high altitude.The Royal Azelea all blossoms in Spring at a one time.and it foams the largest fields in Korea with fantastic and aurrealistic sceneries and draw many tourists. The Azalea forrests are NOT MAN-MADE but few decades ago, the govenment tried to promote to raise sheep at this area, the sheep had all the grasses only except the Royal Azelea, so it ended up with huge beautiful Royal Azelea forest and fields on top of mountain. [♣ Azalea and Herb festival at the bottom of mountain] and right bottom of the peak,there is a huge Herb festival in Namwon May,16th, it is the city of Chunhyang story of Namwon(read story below),there are 39 hectus of all the fields of herb flowers. There is a Herb festival with many hands on programs and events and shows to entertain you with experience of tasting and making some food~ The village is also so beautiful to walk,even shown many times at TV program. [♣ Hands on programs] -->we can arrange some programs we can do together - Herb experience: Herb cultivation, making herb soap, making herb pillow, herb food festival - Farming experience: Gathering wild greens, cabbage cultivation, one-day stable experience, vinyl house experience. - Food experience: Making fermented soybeans, herb kimchi experience, experience of acorn jelly food (Cake, sujebi, green-bean pancake, jelly) [♣ Just in case of rainy day],it'd be refreshing and amazing hike! we never cancel trip as rainy day hiking, It’s about learning how to enjoy life, even with the rain~! Rainy day in not bad weather, it's another kind of good day! Even if it rains: we prepare rain ponchos for everyone and change trail of valley and ridge a bit shorter to peak. 1. It doesn’t rain all day. 2. After the rain, the refreshing air would be the best 3. In a rainy day, the valley would be full of water with amazing sounds of flowing is the most refreshing ! 4. Clouds usually form very scenic photos,most of pictures of nature with clouds! [♣ Be prepared with] 1. extra layer of clothings to warm waiting for sunrise or sleepingbag, 2. pack in 20 liter(eastpak size),snacks while hiking! 3. instant coffee,meal, taste like heaven! 4.We prepare stove and burner to boil water! bring your own water and coffee! 5. you can leave stuff on the bus, bus is safe!!! ------------------------- ♣ How to Join ------------------------- - We have always spots except when title says "FULL". Don't worry to join and request a spot. - Important! This trip is limited to the first 42 people, so please,hurry to sign up! FIRST WIRED, FIRST CONFIRMED~! 1) Join Seoul Hiking Group then RSVP on the event. 2) please,wire in advance(38,000won) to hold a spot for you -kookmin bank,762301-04-223562 김승일(Seoul Hiking)) -[45,000won] pay face to face on the day only if spots available. - paypal 38USD to diana.cao02@gmail.com - Early Discount minus 3,000won,~Fri,May,1 minus 2,000won,~ May,8 - BUS DISCOUNT : for those who came to BUS trip AT LEAST 1~2times:-₩1,000 / 3~4times:-₩2,000 / 5times more : -₩3,000 3) please,post it on the wall ♣------copy & modify--start--> 1).TITLE: May,17,Sun,Jirisan National Park,Therapeutic Healing Hiking, Royal Azelea and Herb Festival 2).FULL NAME : 4).SUM OF FEE : basic fee - early bird - bus discount 5).TIME+DATE,HOW MUCH you WIRED : 6).BUS STOP(choose one) : Hapjeong/SinYongsan stn/Express bus terminal/Jukjeon/Cheonan(Manghyang)/Daejeon ♣------copy & modify--finish--> * HOW TO WIRE MONEY You can go to any bank and ask banker that you need to transfer money to "kookmin bank,762301-04-223562 김승일(Seoul Hiking) ".You can use also ATM machine with card or you CAN ASK to your co-workers and friends. ------------------------------------------------------------ ♣ BUS PICKUP : Bus does not wait for the late as the bus has itinerary for next place. Please,come 20 minutes early to drop by toilet,say hello to others,buy snacks! 1045PM : Hapjeong stn,Line2&6, Exit8,7/11 (get out of exit7,cross to SK gas station) 11PM: Sinyongsan Station.line4,exit2,in front of Toyota,LS tower 11:20PM: Express Bus Terminal, exit8, 11:40PM: Jukjeon [ Map of pick-up] https://www.facebook.com/notes/seoul-hiking-group/pickup-places/10152827511195486 4PM heading to Seoul, arrival 8ish to Jukjeon,Express Bus terminal, Hapjeong. ------------------------- [♣ Q&A] and REQUEST TRIP! ----------- * Please feel free to ask questions. I will try to answer them as best as I can. Please try to reach me via Facebook rather than text messages and phone calls. Please take time to read the events thoroughly before messaging me. I work full-time so it’s difficult to answer messages/phone calls throughout the day. * If you’re interested in travelling anywhere in Korea, I would love to help you organize it! Many of the trips we go on start out as a request from our members. So, please let me know if they’re places you would like to visit and I can try my best to organize it. ♣ Outdoor Nature is good for us! So many mental and physical benefits! ♣ Trips are open to everyone. New-comers are more than welcome! ♣ Love nature~! Let’s explore and experience all that South Korea has to offer! ♣ Embrace Culture and meet same-minded People ♣ People come together and make life long memories with the SEOUL HIKING GROUP~! Invite them along and show them all that Korea has to offer~! Have a nice day~! Warren~~!

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