Jeju in May - Daegu/Busan Departure

 22 May
 Depart Daegu and Busan
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 William Cho Hey WinKers! We have a rare 3 day weekend coming up, so let's head over to Korea's own little paradise - Jeju Island! We've got a 2 night 3 day trip and we'll whip over in a mere 2hr20min on the hydrofoil ferry so you can just skip the hassle and enjoy your island getaway with old and new friends! This trip gets sold out every year so try to sign up early. Seoul/Daejeon/Gwangju Departures: JEJU ISLAND There's so much to see and do on Jeju Island! BUT, the trick is to knowing what's worth checking out. For example, they have a chocolate museum, yet they don't offer chocolate samples - just a bunch of historical photos of chocolate in Korean history. We run this trip several times a year and have perfected itineraries that show you the best the island has to offer. Here are some highlights of Jeju that we take you to: 1. Hallasan Hike - The Tallest Peak in South Korea at 1950 meters (Jirisan is 1925m and Seoraksan is 1708m). 2. Udo Island - Scooter Riding around the island weather permitting (coastal winding roads, beaches, lava cliffs, speed boat cliff tour, Hae Nyo Women Divers diving) 3. Manganggul Cave (만장굴) - Unesco World Natural Heritage Site (unique in the world) 4. Seongsan Ilchulbong (성산일출봉) - Crater Mountain (20min hike to top with fantastic views) - Unesco Natural Heritage Site 5. Cheonjeyeon (천제연) and Jeongbang (정방) Waterfall and Jusangjeolli (주상절리) Lava Rock Formations and Sanbangsan Dragon Head Cliff and Temple 6. Beaches - Jungmun (중문) the most famous Jeju beach 7. Fun places like Loveland and Submarine ride and Gocart!. 8. Jeju Olle Trails (16 Walking Trails to choose from. 3-5hrs each) 9. Horseback Riding (free style! which is rare find) 10. "The Mysterious Road" UNESCO SITES Korea has 9 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Locations but only one World Natural Heritage and that is on Jeju Island. The designation of Natural Heritage was given 2007 to the combined locations of Hallasan and Manjanggul Cave and Seongsanilchulbong which are all accessible which makes them unique in the world. The details of why the designation was given is explained at this link: HALLASAN HIKE The hike to Hallasan's peak is a must do for hikers. The hike itself is about 9 hours (normal pace taking many rests) and so you will want to start no later than 8AM to finish on the other side of the mountain at 5PM. Of course its possible to finish sooner or later depending on how you hike. Getting lost is hard since there's only one ascending route. Good footwear provides better traction. And it is not an easy hike so definitely not recommended for someone who does not exercise regularly. And you should not hike alone. A working cell phone is a must as there is signal for most parts of the mountain. Email us if you're interested in this and we will help form a group. Then you can descend the other side of the mountain toward the temple where taxis should be available. Hikers can share cab ride - unless we have a big group, in which case we can arrange a bus. Taxi ride from the hike end point to the motel is also about 45min and about 25,000 won. HORSE RIDING Unlike the usual places that hold the reins and lead you around the track, the place we take you allows you to ride freely IF you demonstrate the proper ability to control a horse. For 25,000 KRW you get freestyle riding for a 25min session (10min of actual riding). They can have up to 12 riders at one time. The views from this location is truly spectacular as you get not only the rolling hills view but also a view of the ocean in the distance. UDO ISLAND A coastal road circles virtually the entire perimeter of this awesome island. You get some spectacular views and great activities to keep you busy. We can rent scooters, but they require either a US driver's license, international driver's license or Korean driver's license, so bring yours! The rental price is 20,000 KRW per hour but with our negotiating, we can often swing 3 to 4hrs of riding for around 30,000 KRW. It depends on who's manning the post but we can usually swing this deal for you - bring cash. Without a license, you can rent a bicycle to tour the island. Most flat landscape on this small island makes for an easy ride. Touring the island via public bus is possible too. Get on and off any place and only 5,000 for the 2 to 3 hour tour. JEJU BBQ PORK NIGHT (Veggie options possible, email us in advance) Jeju is famous for black pig pork BBQ. The meat is said to be more succulent than regular pork, so when in Rome...we'll hook you up with a BBQ dinner on our first night! We'll take you to Jeju City and the downtown area, where you'll have your choice of a restaurants, including a very popular Indian restaurant. LODGING Our motel is beachside at one of the best beaches in Jeju Island. Step out of the front door and be met with the wide open turquoise ocean waters, a sandy beach and grassy fields. This beach also has a number of foods and an oceanfront bar. BREAKFAST BAKERY We will have assorted bakery items delivered to the motel lobby both mornings with hot water for coffee or tea. A CU Mart next door offers many other drink and snack items. Sunrise: 5:30AM Sunset: 7:33PM ---------------------SCHEDULE--------------------- 5/22 (Fri) 11:00PM Banwoldang Station Exit #11 (Daegu) 5/23 (Sat) 1:00AM Sasang Station Exit #4 (Busan) Changwon/Masan Pickup Possible 6:00AM Ferry Terminal (rest in Bus if early) 7:50AM Start Check in to Cruise Ship. 8:50AM Boat Departs for Jeju 11:10AM Arrive Jeju 11:45AM Depart for Udo Island 12:10PM Arrive Udo Island 3:10PM Depart Udo 3:40PM Sunrise Crater Mountain (성산일출봉) 4:40PM Depart 5:15PM Arrive Motel / Check In 7:20PM Walk to Seaside Black Pig Pork BBQ Dinner Event 5/24 (Sun) 7:30AM Breakfast Baked Items SOUTH WEST TOUR OPTION (see below) or FREE TIME (Hallasan Hike Anyone?) 5/25 (Mon) 8:00AM Breakfast 9:15AM Depart Motel 9:30AM Manjangul Cave 10:30AM Depart 11:10AM Arrive Ferry Terminal 12:10PM Depart Jeju 2:30PM Arrive Jangheung 7:00PM Busan 8:30PM Daegu We can help you book bus or train tickets so please let us know. SOUTH WEST TOUR 8:00AM Depart Motel for: Oedolgae (Lonely) Rock #7 Olle Coast Trail Natural Ocean Pool Jusangjeolli (주상절리) Lava Rock Column Formations Cheonjeyon (천제연) Water Falls Jungmun (중문) Beach San Bang San (산방산) Temple Dragon (용머리해안) Coast Walking Trail 7:30PM Jeju City for Dinner 9:00PM Bus Depart for Motel (Those who want to hangout longer can take cab) Includes: 1. Private Chartered Bus (Leave Things on Bus) 2. Entry to Jusangjeolli, Cheonjeyeon, San Bang San, Dragon Coast 3. Buffet Lunch 4. Trip Leaders Does not Include: 1. Dinner While travelling by our chartered bus, you can leave your things on the bus (except valuables). The above schedule may get adjusted. Actual arrival times may vary pending traffic conditions and other unforeseen conditions. ROOMING The motel is practically right on the beach. Just walk by the Family Mart and you are looking at the ocean and beach. The motel has 3 kinds of rooms: 1. One Double Bed - 2 person 2. Ondol Room Sleep on the Floor - 3 or 4 person 3. Large "Ondol" style Rooms - 6 person (only 2 of them) Blanket and pillow provided. Don't wait for your friends to make up their mind. Many people come alone and make new friends so don't hesitate to sign up! ---------------------COST--------------------- The BASIC COST of the trip is 320,000 won if you make the deposit after 3/25 and by the end of 4/15 and includes: 1. Chartered Bus to Ferry Terminal Round Trip 2. Ferry Ship to Jeju and Back 3. Transportation to and from Motel on Jeju 4. Two Night Beachside Motel sharing "ondol" style 4 per room 5. Oceanside Black Pig Pork BBQ Dinner Event 6. Muffin for Friday Morning 7. Breakfast Local Bakery Items (Sunday and Monday) 8. Ferry to Udo Island and back 9. Entry to Sunrise Crater Mountain 10. Entry to Manjanggul Lava Tubes 11. Trip Leaders The basic cost is 323,000 won if you make the deposit after 4/15 and by the end of 4/29. The basic cost is 326,000 won if you make the deposit after 4/29 and by the end of 5/13. The basic cost is 329,000 won if you make the deposit after 5/13. OPTIONS ADD 15,000 won per person per night if 2 people want to use room with a bed. ADD 5,000 won per person per night if 3 people want to stay in a room together. ADD 20,000 won for South West Tour (25,000 if you decide to join later and if space is available) GROUP DISCOUNT 3,000 KRW discount for each person of a group of 5 to 9. 5,000 KRW discount to each person of a group of 10 or more. **TO APPLY: The group leader must submit all names by email, from which point all deposits must be received within 24 hours.** FREQUENT TRAVELER DISCOUNT 1,000 KRW discount for having attended 1 or 2 trips. 3,000 KRW discount for having attended 3 or 4 trips. 5,000 KRW discount for having attended 5 to 9 trips. 10,000 KRW discount for having attended 10 or more trips. TO APPLY: List all of your previous trips in your confirmation email. ---------------------SIGN UP PROCEDURE--------------------- (1) Send all inquiries to: WHENINKOREA@GMAIL.COM Be sure to check wall post notifications by trip hosts for any changes and updates. Regular email response hours are 10AM to 6PM from Tuesday to Friday. Saturday to Monday are days off. Emails received after 6PM on Friday will be responded by the end of Tuesday. (2) DEPOSIT TO: Kookmin Bank (KB) 국민은행 814-302-04-052-125 Cho, William (조윌리엄) BANK CODE: 04 OR PAYPAL: Paypal amount will be the amount in won divided by 1000. So as an example if it says 95,000 won then its $95 USD for paypal amount. USD only please. We are using 1000 won because Paypal charges 3% and then there are wire transfer charges to bring funds to Korea and then there are exchange rate charges as well. We prefer Korean won deposits. (3) With the trip title as your subject line, please email WHENINKOREA@GMAIL.COM with the following details after you make your deposit. GENDER: NAME (FIRST NAME LAST NAME): MIDDLE NAME (if you have it for your bank account) NAME OF TRIP: TRIP DEPARTURE DATE: DEPOSIT AMOUNT: DEPOSIT DATE: DEPOSIT TIME: CELL PHONE #: WHERE WILL YOU MEET US?: WHAT TIME?: WHERE ARE YOU COMING FROM (which town or neighbourhood will you go back to?): WHAT OPTIONS/EXCEPTIONS/ACTIVITIES IF ANY?: PASSPORT #: NATIONALITY: We need the above information for every person that is attending the trip. (4) TRAVEL INSURANCE You can buy travel insurance online. Here is an example of one of the many sites where you can buy insurance online: We do not provide travel insurance. It is not required to have insurance to join the trip but highly recommend to get one in case. Please keep in mind the Liability Disclaimer below. We are not liable in anyway during or after the trip. (5) REFUND / CREDIT POLICY: Time of Deposit to 10 Days before Departure Time = 5,000 won Cancellation Charge per person 10 Days to 72 hours before Departure Time = 50,000 won Cancellation Charge per person 72 hours to 24 hours before Departure Time = 80,000 won Cancellation Charge per person 24 Hours before Departure Time to Not Attend = 10,000 won credit for a future trip not signed up. Please provide account # by email to WHENINKOREA@GMAIL.COM in order to receive a refund/credit. (6) LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: THIS TRAVEL GROUP IS NOT LIABLE IN ANYWAY DURING OR AFTER YOUR TRIP. Please be careful and be mindful of safety. You are responsible for your own safety. You have the right to not do anything that you believe is too dangerous. None of the activities will be forced on you against your own will. (7) WINK EMAIL RESPONSE HOURS: Regular Email Response Hours are 10AM to 6PM from Tuesday to Friday. Monday is recover day (off day) for us. So emails received after 6PM on Friday will be responded by noon on Tuesday. List of all upcoming trips at:

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