JB MDL Community Garden Plots

 01 June
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April 1 thru October 31, 2015. Presented by 87FSS Outdoor Recreation Dix. Looking for a place to grow flowers, fresh vegetables or other tasty stuff for the table? 87FSS Outdoor Recreation has three locations with raised bed garden plots at JB MDL that you can plant and manage for free. JB MDL Lakehurst plots located on the south side of the 87FSS Flight Deck, JB MDL McGuire plots are located next to Wacky World playground by the Base Theater, and the JB MDL Dix plots are located west of New Jersey Avenue, between Summerall Road and Colonial Plaza (across from the former Walson Clinic, Bldg. 5250). There are both organic based gardening and chemical based plots available. Active duty military priority sign-up is April 1 thru 14. Patrons utilizing these plots must sign and abide by the terms of the contract. 609.562.2727.

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