Jamie Whites Online $5.00 Paparazzi Accessories Party with a REPTILES Theme

 04 June
 Online - Anywhere you are - Even in your JAMMIES!!
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 Dipped in Glitter $5 Jewelry & Accessories
HOW THE ONLINE PARTIES WORK ...You click on the link to the party you have been invited to and click GOING. Then, the day of the party and the time of the party just continue to refresh your page often as pictures are posted. I will continually post pictures of the items I have available. If you see something you like, you type SOLD in the comment section below the item. The catch is you have to be the first person to comment SOLD or you won't get the item. It ends up being so much fun and you end up laughing and having fun with all the other people!!! If I have more than one item I will say so in the beginning of the post when I post that picture. Everything is five dollars $5 except when I post a picture of a children's item. Children's items are just one dollar $1. Everything is five dollars including the necklaces that come with matching earrings. There is absolutely no obligation to buy. Stop by the party just to see what's going on.

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